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Welcome To Srinivas!

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The current date and time in Mumbai is Monday 24 July, 08:37 hours Click to update the clock
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Hi, this is Srinivas. I am a wikipedian since September 2008 and I am often around.

I will try to keep all this short. I live in the moderate city of Mumbai, India and I aim to keep this dirty city clean.

On wikipedia, I do:

  • Doing minor cleanups and typos with AWB.
  • Removal of Vandalism by seeing the tags.
  • Main work on templates.
  • Creating categories.
  • Browsing through Random article so that I can find new articles to edit and read.
  • Studying history.

I have created some templates and also articles which are listed below. I am currently a student and can't spend much time on wikipedia but I shall always be glad to help you! I am mainly active on the Freenode IRC Network in the following channels:

Join #wikipedia-en-help connect by clicking here.

Below is the list of the images by me. Some of them are located at commons. If you want to reuse any of the images at commons, please provide a link to my user page i.e. this page as well as the creative commons website along with GNU Documentation License below the image or anywhere near it. The links are:

HTML Code:

<a href="">User Srinivas</a> from Wikipedia, <a href="">Creative Commons</a>, <a href="">GNU Free Documentation License</a>

If you wish to publish it in print media, just provide "User Srinivas, Wikipedia, Creative Commons, GNU Free Documentation License."

The most delighted time for me is when someone places {{subst:smile}} on my talk page or the yellow box says, you have new messages. So, be good enough to smile at me or leave a message at my talk page!!Crystal Clear app gadu.png

You are someone special. The one who welcomed me to Wikipedia :D Wish you all the best in life. Success with all it's glory for your days to come. Nxxxn (talk) 12:21, 4 September 2010 (UTC)

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he has been helping people in finding their way through wiki P.M.Shreenidhi (talk) 16:31, 20 May 2009 (UTC)
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I ZooFari, as Srinivas's adopter, would like to award Srinivas for creating great templates, including the welcome template with many, many features and other useful gadgets. I look forward to more impressive work as you improve, so keep up the work! ZooFari 05:46, 9 July 2009 (UTC)
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Pretend these are the cookies you like. :) Hardtofindaname 04:28, 22 August 2009 (UTC)

Creations Major Contributions
Underland Hyderabad, India
Lantern Waste Lou Carrigan
Template:W-all Taylor Rotunda

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A few good thoughts:

pRiqavyaaM ~IiNa r%naaina jalamannaM sauBaaiYatama\.

maUZO: paYaaNaKMDoYau r%nsaM&a ivaQaIyato..1..

Our Earth has three pearls: Food, Water and Speech but foolish people assume special stones to be pearls.

yaida sa%saMgaitrtao BaivaYyaisa BaivaYyaisa.

Aqa duja-nasaMsagao- pitYyaisa pitYyaisa..2..

If you are a companion of a good and wise person, it is the road to betterment of your life whereas if you are a companion of a bad person, it is the road to the destruction of your life.

gacCna\ ippIlakao yait yaaojanaanaaM Satanyaip.

AgacCna vaOnatoyaao|ip pdmaokM na gacCit..3..

An ant which is walking covers many miles but an elephant which is just sitting covers length not even a foot.

Saaokao naaSyato QaOyaM-¸ Saaokao naaSyato EaRtma\.

Saaokao naaSyato sava-M¸ naaist Saaoksamaao irpu:..4..

Grief destroys our courage, knowledge, and everything. Thus, be an enemy of grief.

gaaOrvaM p`aPyato danaat\ na tu iva<asya saHcyaat\.

isqaitruccaO: pyaaodanaaM pyaaoQaInaamaQa: isqait:..5..

Charity is of more consideration than collecting just as the water providing clouds are always on top whereas the water collector, sea, is always down.

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