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Current Wikiactivities: Professional wrestling (all related pages), Christian music (all related pages)

Creation of the Sun and Moon face detail.jpg This user loves God more than anyone and anything! Nuvola apps amor.png

Just a warning:

ubx-5 This user uses entirely too many userboxes.


I'm srsrox ! Nice to meet you! Thank you for taking the time to know about me more!

I am an editor with a currently messy userpage (my apologies for that... endless editing), but I am continuing to learn how to become a better contributor for Wikipedia. I will always try to improve pages and fix errors as I see them.

If you know me, I have no problem if you want to add to my discussion page. Also, if you have any issues with my editing, you can also post on my discussion page.

My WikiGoal? Make the sections of Wikipedia I'm involved in project-wise better!
WikiInterests? TBD.
*Reminds self to post some sort of avatar...*

See you out there!
- srsrox BlahBlahBlah...

My incoherent mess of boxes (To be organized)[edit]

en This user is a native speaker of the English language.
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A, B, and C This user prefers the serial comma.
This user is addicted to ellipses and has been known to use them indiscriminately...
US This user uses American English.
This user prefers to use
American English spelling.
Ubbi Thubis ubusuber cuban spubeak Ububbubi Dububbubi.
vb-1 This user is a beginner Visual Basic programmer.
js-1 This user is a beginning JavaScript programmer.
C++-2 This user is an intermediate C++ programmer.
mysql-2 This user is an intermediate MySQL programmer.
C#-3 This user is an advanced C# programmer.
Java-3 This user is an advanced Java programmer.
Blu This user's favorite colour is Dark Blue.
Google 2015 logo.svg This user uses Google as a primary search engine.
Firefox This user contributes using Mozilla Firefox.
M box.svg This user contributes using
Windows 7.
Pizza.svg This user loves to eat pizza.
Hamburger sandwich.jpg This user loves hamburgers.
French fries juliane kr r.svg This user loves to eat fries, or chips.
MountainDew-70s.svg This user drinks Mountain Dew.
Connect four game.svg This user enjoys playing Connect Four.
Anglo-American card suits.png This user plays Hearts.
Nintendo ds.png This user prefers the DS Lite over the Original DS
P This user plays Pokémon games.
LG This user plays Pokémon LeafGreen.
HG This user plays Pokémon HeartGold.
S This user plays Pokémon Sapphire.
P This user plays Pokémon Platinum.
W This user plays Pokémon White.
Churchill portrait NYP 45063.jpg This user is interested in World War II. Adolf Hitler cph 3a48970.jpg
US flag 13 stars – Betsy Ross.svg This user is interested in the
History of the
United States of America
Tent-camping.png This user loves to go camping.
Florida I-4.jpg This user is a roadgeek.
No smoking symbol.svg
This user does not smoke.
This user enjoys playing card games.

This user enjoys thunderstorms.
Lightnings sequence 2 animation.gif This user is a storm chaser.
Sun01.svg This user prefers warm weather.
LG This user owns an LG smartphone.
Android This user owns an Android device.
ax2+bx+c=0 This user likes algebra.
Michelangelo's "God", from "the Creation of Adam".jpg This user believes in creationism.
Writing the Declaration of Independence 1776 cph.3g09904.jpg This user believes that all men are created equal.
PL This user is pro-life.
PL This user supports a fetus' right to life, but supports necessary abortion.
Sciences humaines.svg This user supports
school choice.
Walther P99 9x19mm.JPG This user opposes removing guns from the civilian populace.
Gilbert Stuart Williamstown Portrait of George Washington.jpg This user believes in a foreign policy of non‐interven­tionism, but is not a pacifist.
Black hole.jpg This user is interested in Astronomy.
Ring Nebula This user enjoys the subject of astronomy.
BOS This user is a fan of the
Boston Red Sox
Userbar yankee hater icon.jpg This user is a Yankee hater.
Basketball.png This user plays basketball.
Tennis Racket and Balls.jpg This user plays tennis.
Baseball (crop).jpg This user plays baseball.
Volleyball game.jpg This user is a volleyball player.
NE This user is a fan of the
New England Patriots
DAL This user is a fan of the
Dallas Cowboys
LU This user is a Liberty Flames fan.
WWE This user is a professional wrestling fan.
This user is a WWE fan.
HOME This user is a graduated homeschooler.
Go-home.svg This user supports homeschooling and is against any bans on it.
ΦΘΚ This user is a member of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society.
This user has two academic degrees.
BSIT This user has a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree.
Graduation hat.svg This user has a Associate degree in computer science.
LU This user is an alumnus of Liberty University. Go Flames!
:) This user is happy.
:) This user is a native speaker of smileys.
Ambox humor.svg This user likes jokes and humor.
This userbox is with stupid. Aiga downarrow.svg
Aiga leftarrow.svg This userbox is with stupid.
This userbox is with stupid. Aiga rightarrow.svg
Aiga uparrow.svg This userbox is with stupid.
This space is for rent.
Koebel.jpg This user has a fever. And the only prescription is more cowbell!
Yes, this user can has a Cheezburger.
Nuvola apps amor.svg This user is single.
YA This user is a young adult.
Nuvola apps cookie.svg This user's birthday is on August 25.
Userbox-single.svg This user is single.
Mp50 States flag.png
This user has visited 20 of the 50 States and the District of Columbia.
Stapler-swingline-red.jpg This user is a Project Manager.
Dec 25 This user's favorite holiday is Christmas.
Crystal Clear app clock.svg It is approximately 10:09 AM where this user lives. (United States)
HeteroSym-pinkblue2.svg This user believes marriage is between one man and one woman.
Harry Potter This user is a fan of the
Harry Potter series.
^_^ This user watches anime.
Wikiball.svg This user is a Pokémon fan.
You This user was named 2006 Person of the Year by Time Magazine.
FG This user thinks Family Guy is freakin' sweet.
This user is a fan of The Three Stooges. Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk-nyuk-nyuk!!

Looney Tunes Be vewy, vewy quiet - this user is hunting wabbits!
P culture.svg This user enjoys attending the theatre on a regular basis.
Music-triad.png This user can and does compose music.
Crystal Clear app kguitar.svg This user enjoys rock music.
Crystal Clear app kguitar.png This user listens to and enjoys Christian Rock.
This user is a Linkin Park fan.
TO This user is a fan of The Offspring.
Petra This user knows you should dance with the one who brung ya.
This user is a fan of
Rage Against the Machine.
Skillet This user is Rebirthing now.

This user is your friend, he's not your only friend, but he's a little glowing friend, but really, he's not actually your friend.

3DG This user is a fan of Three Days Grace.
TFK This user throws up his/her Rawkfist.
Metallica wordmark.svg This user is a fan of Metallica
This user knows that it's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll!
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user is a Wikipedian.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user is proud to be a Wikipedian.
Micrologo Nintendo.svg This user is a member of the Nintendo Task Force.
Wikiball.svg This user is a member of WikiProject Pokémon.
WIKI World Title 2.png This user is a member of WikiProject Professional Wrestling.
This user is a member of the U.S. Roads WikiProject.
CVU.svg This user is a member of the
Counter-Vandalism Unit.
Clown chili peppers.jpg This user is a member of the Wikipedia Department of Fun.
NotCommons-emblem-copyrighted.svg This user respects copyright, but sometimes it can be a major pain.
Commons-emblem-copyright.svg This user finds copyright paranoia disruptive.
Be bold.png This user is bold, but not reckless, in updating pages.
Stock alarm.svg Because of real life, this user will be editing on and off.
Wikipedia-logo.png This user has been a member of Wikipedia since March 2, 2009.
wiki-3 This user is an advanced Wikipedia editor.
ChristianitySymbolWhite.svg This user is a member of WikiProject Christian music.
Treble clef 2.svg This user is a member of WikiProject Music.
Exquisite-microphone.png This user is a member of WikiProject Musicians.
<html> This user can write HTML.
css This user can write Cascading Style Sheets.
LeftHand 2.png
This user is left-handed.
BRO This user has a Big Brother
HeteroSym-pinkblue2.svg Though this user believes that God gives men and women different roles in life, he knows that these roles are equal in dignity, and that one gender is not to be exalted above the other. EQUAL
Flag of the United States.svg This user lives in the
United States of America.
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg This user is from Earth.
Red white blue ribbon1.png In Memoriam: 9/11
Lest we forget…
Ichthus.svg This user is a Christian.
Ichthus.svg This user is a Born Again Christian.
Praising-hands.svg This user prays.
Ball This user believes GOD saves everyone - including YOU!
Lichtcharakter Bornrif.gif This user believes that the universe began with a big bang when God said, Let there be light.
Burger King Whopper Combo.jpg This user eats at Burger King.
Supreme pizza.jpg This user is a Pizza Hutter.
Warp pipe edited.PNG This user plays games in the Super Mario series.
Nuvola apps kmahjong.png This user plays mahjong.
S1 This user is a Scrabble player.
Nintendo This user supports Nintendo.
RCT This user plays RollerCoaster Tycoon.
SC This user plays SimCity.
SC2K This user's city is much better than Defacto's.
SC3K This user enjoys playing SimCity 3000 or SimCity 3000 Unlimited.
Paparazzi by David Shankbone.jpg This user is disgusted by the overblown media coverage of celebrities.
Australia Cairns Flame.jpg This user doesn't want a snuffed torch in Survivor.
rvb This user is a Red vs. Blue fanatic.
Donut This user believes that it's not pink; it's lightish red!
GB This user is a fan of The Glenn Beck Program
This user is in The Herd.
遊戯王 This user is prepared to duel.
BLUES This person favours Blues.EXE as his/her NetNavi
Rock.png For those about to rock, this user salutes you!
Crystal Clear app knotify.png This user has a bass-baritone vocal range.
Sterling.png This user is a cat lover.
Lowwikistress.GIF This user's Wikistress level is LOW. Everything is fine and dandy.
BostonRedSox CapLogo.svg This user identifies October 27th as Curse-Breaking Day.

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