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Stephen Symes

Stephen Symes was born on 16th December 1984 and lived in Birkenhead and then moved to Meols in 1989. Stephen is a much improved, up and coming team GB swimmer and has represented Great Britain in the 2009 Fina/Arena swimming world cup were he finished 21st in the 100m Front crawl with a time of 49.92 and 26th in the 50m Front Crawl with a time of 22.61.

Stephen began swimming for Hoylake Amateur Swim Club until the age of 14 when he left to swim for The City of Liverpool and Stockport Metro. Stephen then had quite a long break from swimming but came back to the sport early 2005 and returned to Stockport Metro were he competed in the Speedo (now Arena) National League. Stephen's swimming career really took off mid 2008 were his times decreased dramatically and saw him qualify for the nationals that year were he came 6th in the 100m Front crawl final.

Stephen now spends his time as a Physical Education Officer/Professional Swimmer for the Royal Air Force.

Stephen made swimming history when he performed in a pair of painted on Speedo's, it went unnoticed until Jono the referee gave Stephen a wink and a slight twinge in Stephen's diving board was detected by eagle eyed judges.

Stephen was also one of the first openly homosexual athletes in British sports, nobody was surprised due to penchant for the Dale Winton mahogany look. </gallery>== References ==

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