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This is the St91 User Page[edit]

Hi. I'm St91. I don't edit many articles unless I come across one that is related to an interest and I don't look for one to change just to be part of "Wikipedia". I am currently thinking about how to edit the Abrupt climate change page as this is of particular interest to me. I don't really understand why wikipedia feels it necessary for items other than Articles to be added, but then that's probably just me. If I make a terrible mistake, please for give me, I still havn't got the hang of certain page's etiquette and so tend to put things on the wrong place. I'm in County Durham UK, and I put the link there becasue no-one knows where it is, and think this is the best part of the UK. I may be bias, but, never mind!! I think that's enough!

A bit about me[edit]

I don't want to put my name on here, but I will put that I live in Bishop Auckland, County Durham. I am at a 6th Form college in Darlington and am studying AS geology, Geography, French ICT. I hope to go to Uni one day and do an Emergency Planning/Disaster Mangement course, and eventually be an emergency planning officer somewhere here in the North East (in a British versin of FEMA. That'll probably mean I'll be at Teeside University or Coventry University, as they do the appropriate course, as do the Emergency Planning College, but that's in the big scary city of London. That's about it at the moment!

My Talk Page[edit]

My talk page isn't used often but I do check as often as possible (usually every other day). Please, if you would like to leave a message about anything, then feel free to put one on. If you are a Yahoo! Answers user, then you never know, we may have contacted before: I am the user BrilliantPomegranate and am on quite frequently, and have only ever had 2 violation notices, neither of which broke the terms of service but never mind! This is a link to My Talk page, please use it! [1]


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