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Welcome to my Userpage!

Feel free to leave me a message on my talk page

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About Me[edit]

Hello, I'm Stacey. I'm fairly new to Wikipedia and have been encouraged to edit by Worm That Turned and a number of editors at the Wikipedia meet-ups in Liverpool and Manchester. I do not have fantastic writing skills and so require all the help I can get from fellow editors when it comes to copy editing. Please edit this page if I have made any errors that annoy you..

I can be a bit possessive over the articles I work on; though I try not to be aggressive online.. I save that for the meet-ups ;)

In real life, I am a qualified Social Worker but not currently practising. I live in North West England with Worm That Turned and our 2 pet rats.

Current task[edit]

Feel free to check out the tabs that I have installed on my user page to see what I have worked on and plan to work on! My focus is currently on the Children Act 1989 and I have been crying out for help with it.. so if you would like to assist.. Please do!