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Wikipedia's inability to improve its own governance is appalling.

Origin Story[edit]

I joined Wikipedia as an editor in 2006. My usual edits included reverting vandalism, light copy editing, looking for BLP problems, and expressing an interest in Wikipedia governance.

In 2011 I became embroiled in a controversy (Campaign for "santorum" neologism) where some notable users used Wikipedia as a political attack engine. The consensus of most of the Wiki-warriors was: Go for it! We don't like this guy anyway, so let's Wiki-bomb him, and help Michael Savage define him as something horribly offensive!

At the end Jimbo Wales intervened: "My only thought about the whole thing is that WP:COATRACK applies in spades. There is zero reason for this page to exist. It is arguable whether this nonsense even belongs in his biography at all, but at a bare minimum, a merger to his main article seems appropriate.--Jimbo Wales (talk) 15:00, 3 June 2011 (UTC)"

What does it say about Wikipedia that its management gleefully ignored its own principles until the founder chimed in with advice? It says that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia managed by people who care more about social niceties and minutiae than presenting 'the sum of human knowledge.'

That's not what we're supposed to be here for. We should try to do better.


After the spontaneous meltdown of the premier Wikipedia criticism site, Wikipedia Review, a new site was formed with similar principles.


It's a place for discussing Wikipedia in a way you can't anywhere else. Many familiar faces. A totally different atmosphere. The language is unfettered, discussion is free-wheeling and sometimes hostile. Punches are seldom pulled.

Although there is a lot of chaff scattered around on that site, sift through it and you will find a lot of truths about the problems and misdeeds of Wikipedia.

The best of those ideas should return to here, and reform ensue, or you will find that the worst of those ideas will be realized instead.

Wikimedia portal[edit]


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