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Nihilist, Wikipedian.
People make a grievous error thinking that a list of facts is the truth. Facts are just the bare bones out of which truth is made. - Shelby Foote
Truthiness is tearing apart our country, and I don't mean the argument over who came up with the word. I don't know whether it's a new thing, but it's certainly a current thing, in that it doesn't seem to matter what facts are. It used to be, everyone was entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts. But that's not the case anymore. Facts matter not at all. Perception is everything. It's certainty. People love the president because he's certain of his choices as a leader, even if the facts that back him up don't seem to exist. It's the fact that he's certain that is very appealing to a certain section of the country. I really feel a dichotomy in the American populace. What is important? What you want to be true, or what is true? Stephen Colbert AV Club interview, (25 January 2006)
Fortunately, the Internet has the potential to revitalize the role played by the people in our constitutional framework. It has extremely low entry barriers for individuals. It is the most interactive medium in history and the one with the greatest potential for connecting individuals to one another and to a universe of knowledge. It's a platform for pursuing the truth, and the decentralized creation and distribution of ideas, in the same way that markets are a decentralized mechanism for the creation and distribution of goods and services. It's a platform, in other words, for reason. Al Gore
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I strongly believe that knowledge should be free. I created this account in 2006 to improve the quality of various Chicago-related subjects. I have an academic and professional background in computer science. I work as a network and telecommunications engineer in real life, but prefer to edit topics pertaining to my hobbies: video games, sports, and music.


I have had the opportunity to work with several smart and talented editors over the past ten years. We have worked together to bring several articles to 'Good' or 'Featured'-level status. Here are some examples of our work on Wikipedia: