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It's a very old nick.

Love BSG and yes, I even loved the original BSG. Don't care that the new Starbuck is a woman, the writers did a great job overall. If you know what the Iseries is, then you know where the 5250 comes from.

One of my favourite subjects is naval history, and I own at least a dozen books on the Battle_of_Jutland. My second favourite is probably the Battle_of_Actium.

I play a variety of musical instruments, my absolute favourite is the Viola. I'll list them all here someday. Favourite style is Rococco but I lissten to tons of Johann Sebastian Bach

I do a lot of reading, mostly all non-fiction. Where fiction is concerned, I've read all of Tolkien, including every volume his son put out after his death. I've also read Kathryn Kurtz' Deryni novels.

Not too many movies under my belt, although I've seen all the Star Wars, all the Star Treks and Lord of the Rings. My favourites might be La Femme Nikita and The Man who Would Be King.