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Hello, everyone, and welcome to my userpage. I'm a (still) single (and looking) straight white male who turned 50 in April 2007. The picture above, while it was taken about 15 years ago, is the best picture I think has ever been made of me, and so I've included it rather than a newer one (since I have been told I still look basically the same). I was born and raised--and am still living (I think)--in the southeast United States.

My areas of interest and expertise include 20th c. American Popular Music and Christianity (both comparative and experiential). I hold a Bachelors degree in the former and a Masters in the latter. I've spent the majority of my life in schools and colleges, so I can converse with a modicum of knowledge on many subjects--but I have NO interest in sports. I do, however, have a fascination with (natural) redheads.

If you'd like to chat about music, religion, or Wiki--or if you're a lovely (inside and/or out) single (and looking) female (red hair is not a requirement, but it doesn't hurt)--then the best place to get in touch with me is probably (but if you want it to get to me, you will have to omit the underscore--it's only there to confuse internet email address harvesters). Hope to hear from you soon!

2013/1/10...Hot dangity dibbity...finally created my first page, so many aeons later...'bout time, eh?