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My WikiMantra[edit]

I don't make too many changes (while typing this I have only made one and submitted to one 'Talk' section) but I will always make sure I am confident and have researched any submissions that I do make.

UPDATE- I have been making more changes, especially where I feel balance is missing or updates were made to articles before all facts came to light, i.e. reactionary articles being treated as sooth instead of full summaries available after all events have been thoroughly investigated.


Any one reading this, please delete a moronic video game fanboy remark somewhere as a favour to me. They are ruining the reputation of anybody who plays games and while I accept that they shouldn't be stopped as that would be a violation of free speech and thus against the good will of the internet they are nothing but a menace to someone who seeks information, not opinion.

Least of all the opinion of a 12 year old.