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en-3This user can contribute with an advanced level of the English language.
nlDeze gebruiker heeft het Nederlands als moedertaal.
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li-3Deze gebroeker kalt hoegwaerdig Limburgs.
zea-3Deêze gebruker praot vloeiend Zeêuws.
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Important: The majority of my contributions to the English Wikipedia have been removals of sections/sentences that I found redundant, irrelevant, or dubious. This makes me a 'negative' user: someone who deletes text rather than adding it. I am aware that this may not make a very good impression. However, please pay attention to what I am taking away. I am convinced that I am improving Wikipedia as much as most of you do, and very careful not to destroy any real information.

Steinbach in Steinbach
Even as albinos, peacocks do look extraordinary...
Less than tasteful: a puking fly.

Hi, I'm Steinbach, a Wikipedian from the Netherlands. I have a master's degree in musicology, but my interests also include linguistics, geography, cycling, and horse riding. And even astronomy, biology, and sport, but I'm not at all knowledgeable about these topics.

I have never been a very active editor of the English Wikipedia. First, my English isn't perfect, especially my active language skills aren't. When I compose complicated sentences (those you are likely to encounter in an encyclopaedia), they are often awkward, out of place, or just wrong. Second, at more than 5 million articles, this project barely needs my support. It's big enough. Third, this Wikipedia contains a huge sea of rules and guidelines that hinder me from making major edits. It's likely to be either removed or severely altered anyway. Moreover, these conventions include several rules I flatly disagree with. For instance, some people won't cease littering articles with 'citation needed' tags (sometimes every single item of a bulleted list - man, you made your point, okay?) and don't even think of improving the articles themselves. That annoys me.

For these reasons, I am usually to be found elsewhere. Sometimes on the Dutch Wikipedia, where I once was an admin, but more often at Wikipedias in regional languages, especially Limburgish and Zeelandic. I love languages and dialects (this category is really, really cool), and I am happy to help them survive and emancipate, or at least to ensure their presence on the internet.

Still, I am an avid reader of this project, which besides a source of irritation is of course an endless source of information as well. I often base my own articles elsewhere on English Wikipedia pages, and I often spend spare time reading articles. By doing so, I occasionally come across typos, errors, and gaps in articles, which I may correct and/or amend. This is reflected in my contributions.