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I live in Rhodes, a suburb in Sydney, Australia, with my wife, Jennifer. We have no children, but we have 11 nieces and nephews.

My MBTI personality type is INTp (I usually write a small 'P' as I am almost a 'J').

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I am a member of AISA and hold current CISSP and CISM certifications and BSc with honours in Computer Science from the University of NSW.


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I believe in social justice. I believe that those of us with access to more resources have a responsibility to improve the world we live in, for everyone. We also have a responsibility to future generations to use non-renewable resources carefully and wisely, and again, to improve the world we live in for those that will follow us.

I was raised as a fundamentalist Christian, but now believe that the Bible is too internally inconsistent to be treated as the infallible word of God. I still think that the life and teachings of Jesus have valuable lessons for us, but no longer believe the Pauline doctrine that is the basis of most modern Christian denominations.

Do I still believe in God? Perhaps, though I don't see much evidence of God's intervention in our world. I'm still thinking about that.

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