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A Look at the Cognitive Biases[edit]

Decision-making, Belief, and Behavioral Biases[edit]

List of cognitive biases
Ambiguity effect
Attentional bias
Availability heuristic
Illusory truth effect
Confirmation bias
Bandwagon effect
Herd behavior
Base rate fallacy
Belief bias
Bias blind spot
Choice-supportive bias
Clustering illusion
Congruence bias
Conjunction fallacy
Conservatism (belief revision)
Belief revision
Contrast effect
Curse of knowledge
Decoy effect
Denomination effect
Distinction bias
Duration neglect
Empathy gap
Endowment effect
Experimenter's bias
Functional fixedness
Forer effect
Framing effect (psychology)
Gambler's fallacy
Law of large numbers
Hard–easy effect
Hindsight bias
Hostile media effect
Hot-hand fallacy
Hyperbolic discounting
Dynamic inconsistency
Identifiable victim effect
IKEA effect
Illusion of control
Illusion of validity
Illusory correlation
Impact bias
Information bias (psychology)
Insensitivity to sample size
Escalation of commitment
Just-world hypothesis
Less-is-better effect
Sunk costs
Mere-exposure effect
Money illusion
Moral credential
Negativity effect
Negativity bias
Recall (memory)
Neglect of probability
Normalcy bias
Selection bias
Observer-expectancy effect
Subject-expectancy effect
Omission bias
Optimism bias
Wishful thinking
Valence effect
Ostrich effect
Outcome bias
Overconfidence effect
Hidden message
Man in the Moon
Pessimism bias
Depression (mood)
Planning fallacy
Post-purchase rationalization
Pro-innovation bias
Pseudocertainty effect
Reactance (psychology)
Reverse psychology
Reactive devaluation
Recency illusion
Restraint bias
Rhyme-as-reason effect
Risk compensation
Selective perception
Semmelweis reflex
Social comparison bias
Social desirability bias
Status quo bias
Subadditivity effect
Subjective validation
Survivorship bias
Time-saving bias
Well travelled road effect
Zero-risk bias
Game theory
Social dominance orientation