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Stephen Day is a nice man who was born in 1971 in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. He moved two hours east to the city of Belleville when he was seventeen.


My hobbies include RPG's (Role Playing Games) and the collecting of comic books and professional wrestling videos from around the world.

Comic Books[edit]

The comic Books in my collection are mostly from Marvel, DC, with scattered series from various publishers also included. The biggest of the latter would be Dark Horse.


I have played various systems since entering the hobby full-time in 1997. The most common games have been Dungeons and Dragons, White Wolf, and the systems of Alderac. I currently run my own game using GURPS.

Pro Wrestling Videos[edit]

By far the largest protion of my collection is Puroresu. My favorite style is Lucha Libre, but the stuff from Japan is much easier to obtain.


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