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Hello! I'm Stephen from Manchester. I'm a curious creature whose interests include languages, linguistics, science, history, mythology, philosophy, politics, literature and to a lesser extent maths and vexillology. I'm also a massive Manchester United fan.

Places I have lived in: England France Russia

Places I have visited: Andorra Belgium Cyprus England France Germany Greece Italy Monaco Netherlands Portugal Russia Scotland Spain United States Wales

Places I would like to visit: Bosnia and Herzegovina Brazil China Croatia Cuba Czech Republic Denmark Finland Hungary Madagascar Mexico Montenegro Norway Peru Romania Serbia Slovakia Sweden Ukraine Venezuela

I have studied French, Russian, Czech, Turkish and Polish as well as Old Norse and Old and Middle French at university. I also enjoy learning (about) other languages and have looked into many other languages to various degrees, such as Portuguese, Swedish, Swahili, Esperanto, Ancient Greek, Mongolian, Latin, Indonesian and Classical Nahuatl.

Languages listed below are those that have a place in my physical library (more or less in order of acquisition):

French (Modern, Middle and Old), Russian, Czech, Portuguese, Old Norse, Latin (Classical and Vulgar), Ancient Greek, Spanish, Mandarin, Polish, Old Church Slavonic, Classical Nahuatl, Italian, Swedish, Esperanto, Occitan, Swahili, Cantonese, Icelandic, Sanskrit, Old English, Catalan, Quechua, Dutch, Esperanto, Welsh, German, Koine Greek, Danish, Hawaiian, Cornish, Māori, Turkish, the Papuan languages of New Guinea, Hausa, Persian, Ancient Egyptian, Nepali, Norwegian, Afrikaans, Malay (both Indonesian and Malaysian), Luganda, Mongolian and Kilivila.

My digital library includes many more resources on these and dozens of others.

According to Political Compass this user is:
Economic Left (−9.88) and
Social Libertarian (−7.18)
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Atom of Atheism-Zanaq.svg This user is an Atheist and believes religion is harmful to society.