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I also have a signature archive.

I also made some warnings.

If I fail to edit for 5 hours with no explanation (except 6:00 - 16:00 UTC (6:00 - 0:00 UTC on school days)), assume I am taking a trip on Google Street View, or otherwise I am going on a wikibreak. Please wait until I do another edit. If I fail to edit for 1 month with no explanation, assume I am semi-retired, and if I fail to edit for a period of over 1 year, assume I am retired. Thank you.

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All clear!

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Edits from IPs before my account was created[edit]

Old IPs[edit]

  • (Early 2008)
  • (Mid 2008)
  • (Late 2008)
  • (Early 2009)

Current IP[edit]




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Things that I like[edit]

Note: Bold means things that I really like (I will provide a reason)

  • Mozilla Firefox (It is really fast)
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7 (This Windows version has a great user interface)
  • Horses
  • 2012 Events
  • Google Earth
  • Google Street View (You can explore things in real-life mode)
  • Google Maps

Things that I don't like[edit]

Note: Bold means things that I really don't like. I will provide a reason.

  • Wikipedia Vandalism (Wikipedia needs to be Vandalism free)
  • Internet Explorer
  • Windows Vista (This has lots of bugs)
  • Wikipedia High Database Server Lags (This caused Twinkle to edit a page after it was deleted)
  • Wikipedia Failure (This makes Wikipedia pages not load but instead it shows an error)
  • Blue Screen of Death
  • Feces (This is very yucky)

Funny Stuff[edit]

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why people don't use the sandbox for test editing by Thingg

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this and this

*gasp* No way?!\

Bacon materializer.jpg


Fun also means recreation

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the real fact of the band's local success.

this requests for page un-protection

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an article of a fictional Windows version.

the real reason why you should pay attention before you press Q

this block template

Images that I uploaded[edit]