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Welcome to my Wikipedia home page!

My main interest in working on the Wikipedia is to add brief biographies of historical figures who were notable in their time, but are obscure today. The Web often lacks complete and reliable information about these people, and I hope to help students and casual researchers by making such information freely and easily available. My interests include history, politics, economics, business, and American football.

I have two bachelor's degrees from Ohio State University, one in economics (1993) and one in history (1998), and a master's degree in library science (2000) from the University of Texas at Austin. I am a native of Benicia, California and currently live in Portland, Oregon.

I have made significant contributions to these pages (among others):


    Adee, Alvey A.
    Allen, Samuel Clesson
    Alsop, Joseph W.
    Baker, Newton D.
    Cardwell, Edward
    Carlisle, John Griffin
    Carnarvon, 4th Earl
    Carter, Amon G.
    Clark, Champ
    Codman, Charles R.
    Crawford, William H.
    Förster-Nietzsche, Elisabeth
    Garner, John Nance
    Holcombe, Oscar F.
    Labouchere, Henry (nephew)
    Labouchere, Henry (uncle)
    Longworth, Nicholas
    Mangum, Willie Person
    Morton, Oliver P.
    Neuberger, Richard L.
    Percy, Charles H.
    Pickering, Timothy
    Proctor, Redfield
    Romney, George W.
    Sewall, Sumner
    Sibthorp, Charles de Laet Waldo
    Smith, Page
    Soulé, Pierre
    Taleb, Nassim
    Weeks, John W.
    White, Henry
    Williams, John Sharp
    Wolcott, Edward O.


    Benicia, California  (history section)

Things or groups:

    Bancroft Prize
    Battle of Val-ès-Dunes
    Library Hall of Fame
    Loubat Prize
    University of Houston System
    U.S. ambassadors to Germany
    U.S. ambassadors to Italy
    Viscount Harcourt

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