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Me and Wikipedia

Steven Crossin 2019.jpg

Hi there, I'm Steve.

I'm an Australian Wikipedian, and I've been here since Feb 7, 2008. Most of my activities on Wikipedia over the last eleven years surround improving our dispute resolution processes, and helping other editors resolve their disputes. I help out at the dispute resolution noticeboard, which I created, and previously mediated cases at WP:MEDCAB (before it was closed, where I was a co-ordinator) and work on articles related to the TV show 24, as well as do maintenance activities including closing discussions, and general cleanup.

From May 2012 – January 2013 I was a Community Fellow with the Wikimedia Foundation (Staff account) where I also worked on Wikipedia's dispute resolution processes. You can find details of my work as a fellow on this page.

I also serve the committee of Wikimedia Australia for four years, and was its President for the 2013–2015 period.

Stuff I'm working on

Templates I use/handy links

Item Code/Link
RM top {{subst:RM top|'''RESULT.'''}}
RM bottom {{subst:RM bottom}}
Pending close top {{subst:User:Steven Crossin/PCtop}}
PC bottom {{subst:User:Steven Crossin/PCbottom}}
Move review closing instructions Wikipedia:Move_review#Closing_reviews
Discussions that need closing WP:AN/RFC