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I am an administrator open to recall because I recognize that editors privileged with administrative buttons have an ongoing accountability to the community, to ensure both that their use of the buttons is appropriate and that they adhere to all policies in the same way that a non-administrator would be expected to.

The terms under which I can be recalled are as follows:

  1. In the event that a request for comment on user behaviour is opened on me, the certifiers and I will agree on an administrator to act as "closer" for the RFC (see below).
  2. The closer will be directed to determine, at the conclusion of my RFC, whether there exists a consensus for me to continue as an administrator.
  3. The closer will be further instructed to err on the side of no consensus in making this determination.
  4. If the closer determines that there is no consensus for me to remain as an administrator, I will contact a steward with instructions to de-sysop me.
  5. If I fail to participate in my own RFC and/or I fail to make any effort to jointly appoint the closer required in point 1, I will contact a steward to de-sysop me.

I reserve the right to modify this process over time. However, this version of my criteria and process remain in effect for fourteen days after any change, to prevent me from changing criteria to prevent an imminent use of these criteria.

Selection of a closer[edit]

The preferred means of selecting a closer, and the one that I assume would be used, is to just discuss potential closers until the certifiers and I agree on one. In the event that that proves impossible, the following system will be used:

  1. I will propose five admins, each of whom has been active in the last thirty days (at the time of certification of the RFC/U) and none of whom have indicated that they will be unavailable to close for any reason.
  2. The certifiers will either accept one of the closers I propose or propose five admins of their own, meeting the same criteria as above.
  3. I will either accept one of these five, or propose five new admins.
  4. This process will continue until both sides agree on a closer or until the certifiers have named one hundred admins. If the latter condition is met, I will be obligated to select one of these hundred admins as closer.