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Hello. I'm a 30-something born and resident in the UK. I grew up near Cambridge, lived in County Durham for six years, London for a decade or so and then the West Country.

My interaction in Wikipedia is fairly minor, as I am expert on nothing much. Mostly I just potter around topics I know something about when I find myself unable to sleep, and fill in any little gaps I find. I also enjoy a spot of amateur photography, so I try and upload my photos wherever relevant (as Public domain or under Creative Commons licenses), because I enjoy seeing articles with a splash of colour!


Please add these to any articles across Wiki projects as you see fit!

Areas of personal interest (and likely Wikipedia contribution)[edit]

  • Places of interest (or not) in the UK (or anywhere else I travel), particularly of a historic or prehistoric nature.
  • Architecture, civil engineering, transport infrastructure and other such aspects of the urban realm
  • Sport, particularly motorsport, snooker, football
  • History, in which I gained my degree at uni, specialising in nationalism.
  • Almost all types of music, including some rather niche ones, and including writing/playing/recording it

I have updated this page *above this point* in 2018, but everything that follows is pretty ancient and outdated...

Articles I have created[edit]

Although when you look at them they won't necessarily be as I left them, of course!


Photos I have submitted[edit]

Please refer to my gallery of photos.

Top Albums[edit]

Moved list to User:Stevekeiretsu/Albums.

Pages I always want to get back to[edit]

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