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Current Life[edit]

Steven91 was born on February 15, 1991 in Naples, Italy. His family moved him to the USA when he was four years old. They first moved to Florida, and then later on to Medford, Oregon, where he currently resides. He is now a sophomore at North Medford High School

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Steven91 plays officially plays two sports in high school, and he considers bowling a sport. His current high score, according to himself, is a dissapointing 185. He also likes to go skiing on Mt. Ashland and Mt. Bachelor near his home in Oregon. While he only officialy plays these two sports, he does also like to play tennis, golf, raquetball, foosball, football, and biking. Steven91 likes to also watch sports on the TV. He only likes to watch American Football. But while he is not rooting for his favorite team, The Dallas Cowboys, he will also watch a game of Soccer.

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