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Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
A waterfall on Nevis and I.jpg
Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield on holiday in Scotland
Born (1979-11-01) 1 November 1979 (age 37)
Occupation Musician,
Spouse(s) Kate Gordon-Bloomfield
Internet information
Web alias(es) aminorjourney
Web hosting service(s) YouTube, BlogTV, Facebook, and Twitter
Signature phrase "Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Welcome"
"Keep your energy smart, folks"
"Don't forget to plug in!"

Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield (born Nichola Bloomfield; 1 November 1979 in Great Yarmouth, England) is an English musician[1], presenter and journalist. She is best known as a podcast host of This Week in Energy, Transport Evolved and former host of The EVcast. She is also an active supporter of electric cars and has owned several of them. [2] [3].


Nikki attended Guildhall School of Music and Drama between 1998 and 2002, where she trained as a classical oboist. [4].


While still at music college Nikki recorded Julia Usher's A Reed In The Wind for solo Oboe as well as performing as an alto in a piece written especially written for her by Usher to sing on the CD Sacred Physic. [5]. [6].

After graduating, Nikki worked for several years as a music teacher before working as a disc Editor for Future PLC's monthly Macintosh magazine, Mac Format under editor Graham Barlow for six months in 2005.[7]. She then returned to Music teaching, working as a freelance tutor and musician.

Between 2004 and 2006 Nikki worked alongside webcomic Jen Dolari to produce songs to accompany the webcomic Closetspace about a young Transgendered girl called Carrie Tyrell. Nikki wrote four songs, which she performed as the voice of Carrie. [8]. ,[9].[10].

In 2008 Nikki appeared in an occasional podcast series called Nikki Drives[11].

She ceased teaching music in 2009, choosing to persue a career in podcasting. She became the regular Saturday Host of The Evcast in June 2009, and became known for her honest take on the world of Electric Vehicles. Regular guests included Robert Llewellyn, Chelsea_Sexton and Michael Boxwell. [12].

December 2009 saw Nikki launch a second Podcast, This Week In Energy with co-host Bob Tregilus. The weekly show broadcasts live every Wednesday at and discusses the weekly news in the Energy world, with a focus on renewable energy and energy saving. Notable guests have included Dr. Kiki Sanford[13], Camille Ricketts[14], and Pilgrim Beart[15]

She has also helped fund-raise for the Roz Rows show on Leo Laporte's TWiT network in December 2009. [16] This was to replace a bag of possessions Roz Savage had stolen whilst on her trip across the Atlantic. As well as this, Nikki released a video to help fund-raise for a different cause in the same month (Decemeber 2009). The video released on Google's YouTube site was in aid of the Nathan Abbott fund. [17], [18]

Come May 2010 Nikki ceased work for the The EVcast, announcing on-air that she would no-longer be hosting the Saturday show [19], citing personal reasons around a forthcoming adoption and expressing that she no-longer had time to spend podcasting. Rumour surrounded her departure from The EVcast, including an argument with the show's owners, igroops.

June 2010 saw Nikki start a new podcast, Transport Evolved, which she hosts alongside Michael Boxwell every Thursday at and is the second podcast to come from her and her partner's company littleCollie.

In keeping with her love for EV transport, Nikki can also be seen writing for All Cars Electric[20] at


Nikki is openly Lesbian having come out at university. She openly supports LGBT causes and often tweets about GLBT Equality, self-describing herself as a "GLBT campaigner".[21].

She married her partner of five years, Kathryn Gordon in August, 2009. The couple double-barrelled their family name to Gordon-Bloomfield.

The couple do not have any children of their own but have adopted.


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