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The Third Statistical Account of Scotland[edit]

The Third Statistical Account was initiated after the Second World War and followed a similar parish format to the earlier accounts. The first volume, covering Ayrshire, was published in 1951. Ultimately it was more rigorous and wide-ranging than either of its predecessors, covering industry, transport, culture and demographics. Volume editors ensured a more generic approach than before, but even so the spirit of the originals was retained, even if idiosyncrasies remained.

The scale of the project, difficulties with funding and finding publishers (which included Collins and Oliver & Boyd) meant that the project took over forty years to complete and it was not until 1992 that the last volume, The County of Roxburgh, was published, under the auspices of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations. Another consequence of this delay was that the later volumes covered administrative divisions which no longer existed.

Although the project was more secular than before, sections of the accounts continued to focus on religious life, and several of the parish accounts were still written by Church of Scotland ministers.

Title Publication
Post 1975 division
(if applicable at time of writing)
City of Aberdeen 1953 -- MacKenzie, H.
County of Aberdeen 1960 -- Hamilton, H.
County of Angus 1977 Angus District, Tayside Region Illsley, W.A.
County of Argyll 1961 -- MacDonald, C.M.
County of Ayr 1951 -- Strawhorn & Boyd
County of Banff 1961 -- Hamilton, H.
County of Berwick 1992 Berwickshire District, Borders Region Herdman, J.
County of Caithness 1961 -- Smith, J.S.
County of Dumfries 1962 -- Houston, G.
County of Dunbarton 1959 -- Dilke, M.S. & Templeton, A.A.
City of Dundee 1977 City of Dundee, Tayside Region Jackson, J.M.
County of East Lothian 1953 -- Snodgrass, Catherine P.
City of Edinburgh 1966 -- Keir, D.
County of Fife 1952 -- Smith, A.
City of Glasgow 1958 -- Cunnison & Gilfillan
County of Inverness 1985 Inverness District, Badenoch and Strathspey District (part)
Skye and Lochalsh District (part)
Lochaber District (part), all Highland Region
Western Isles (part)
Barron, H.
Stewartry of Kirkcudbright and County of Wigtown 1965 -- Laird, J. & Ramsay, D.G.
County of Kincardine 1988 Kincardine and Deeside (part), Grampian Region Smith, D.
County of Lanark 1960 -- Thomson, G.
County of Midlothian 1985 Midlothian District, East Lothian District (part),
City of Edinburgh (part), Lothian Region
Kirkland, H.
Counties of Moray & Nairn 1965 -- Hamilton, H.
Orkney 1985 -- Miller, R.
Counties of Peebles & Selkirk 1964 -- Bulloch, J.P.B. & Urquhart, J.M.