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A (very) little about me[edit]

I'm an early-40s software engineer from Cambridge, England, specialising in web technologies. My last major project was an embedded web browser - our own, not WebKit or anything else - hence my deep familiarity with HTML, DOM, CSS and ECMAScript standards.

My main most-interesting interests are:

Declarations of interest[edit]

I would like to request assistance of neutral Wikipedians to review my proposed edits on the talk pages of the articles listed below and to make approved edits to the main articles. I do not intend to edit the main articles myself, unless requested to do so by the reviewer, of course, if any volunteers come forward. I can be contacted directly via e-mail at for discussion about this DOI, if required.

ACCU (organisation)[edit]

From approximately 2003 until April 2011, I was the honorary treasurer of this organisation, and until April 2013 a non-executive committee member. Whilst I was on the committee, my only edits to the main page were restricted to fixing typos, and moving information around so it flows more logically.

ANT Software Limited[edit]

In the past, I worked for ANT Software Ltd and I wish to contribute information to clean up and improve the following pages to correct information:

I have created a stub article for Galio and tidied up the Fresco article considerably, although the actual textual content is largely unaltered.

Furthermore, I would like to propose edits to the following list pages to add the appropriate links:

Works in progress[edit]