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A section with junk to cut'n'paste[edit]

This is a simple piece of text that can be used as the basis of a welcome message to an anonymous user:

[[Wikipedia:Introduction|Welcome]] to Wikipedia.

Thank you for your recent contributions.  Please
consider [[Special:Userlogin|creating an account]] and
logging-in, which has
many [[Wikipedia:Why_create_an_account?|benefits]].  In
the meantime, here are some useful links if you need any help:

*[[Wikipedia:How to edit a page|How to edit a page]]
*[[Wikipedia:How to write a great article|How to write a great article]]
*[[Wikipedia:Manual of Style|Manual of Style]]
*[[Wikipedia:What_Wikipedia_is_not|What Wikipedia is not]]

Again, welcome. ~~~~

Other links that might need to be highlighted to anon's:

*[[Wikipedia:Naming conventions|Naming conventions]]
*[[Wikipedia:Neutral_Point_of_View|Neutral point of view policy]]

Message for anonymous authors of vanity or non-noteworthy articles, probably most usefull when incorporated into the welcome message: (Note that this is similar to the {{vanity|XXX-XXX}} template.)

The content of [[XXX-XXX]] was not sufficently noteworthy to
merit an article on Wikipedia, and was removed. We
[[welcome, newcomers|welcome newcomers]], and
encourage you to become a [[Wikipedia:Wikipedians|Wikipedian]]. By [[special:userlogin|creating an account and logging in]], you are
entitled to a personal [[Wikipedia:user page|user page]] into which
that article's content could be incorporated. However, a subject
must be notable to merit inclusion in the actual encyclopedia. ~~~~

Notice of copyright/license terms to anon:

The content of [[XXX-XXX]] appeared to violate the copyright
of [XXX-XXX], and was removed. We
[[welcome, newcomers|welcome newcomers]], and
encourage you to [[special:userlogin|create an account]] and
become a [[Wikipedia:Wikipedians|Wikipedian]].  However, we
can not tolerate the inclusion of copyrighted material
without permission to distribute it under our
usual [[Wikipedia:Copyrights|license terms]]. ~~~~

Note about an "anti-vanity" contribution:

The content of [[XXX-XXX]] appeared to be a personal attack
which this violates wikipedia's rules, and was deleted. Please
do not continue personal attacks here, or you will
be [[Wikipedia:Blocking policy|blocked]] from editing. ~~~~

These two are primarily a warning for link/ad spammers:

[[Wikipedia:Introduction|Welcome]] to Wikipedia, but
it [[Wikipedia:What_Wikipedia_is_not|is not]] a link farm.  Please
stop spamming Wikipedia with external links.  Thanks.  ~~~~
[[Wikipedia:Introduction|Welcome]] to Wikipedia, but
it [[Wikipedia:What_Wikipedia_is_not|is not]] not a medium
for advertisments - this is considered to be spam.  Please
stop spamming Wikipedia.  Thanks.  ~~~~

And, a less friendly second warning:

Please stop adding spam to Wikipedia - it is considered
vandalism.  If you continue to vandalize pages, you will
be [[Wikipedia:Blocking policy|blocked]] from editing. ~~~~

This is a message to request that foreign text isn't added into EN:

[[Wikipedia:Introduction|Welcome]] to the English-language
Wikipedia.  Please do not add foreign text here. It will
be deleted. You should contribute it to the
[ appropriate language's wikipedia]
instead.  Thank you. ~~~~

Request for edit summaries:

Hello. Thanks for your contributions, but as a courtesy to
other editors please start adding
[[Wikipedia:Edit summary|edit summaries]].  Even something
short [[Wikipedia:Edit_summary_legend|like "fmt" or "wikify"]]
is good. ~~~~

Some text to occassionally add into the welcome message:

I would like to encourage you to use the "Show Preview" button
while editting.  It helps to prevent the article history
becoming littered with minor and poor quality edits.
You can sign your name on talk pages and votes by typing
four tildes, i.e., "~~~~"; the software
automatically converts it to your username and the date.

Stuff for my July 21st 2005 presentation about Wikis[edit]