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19-03-1973 Belgium

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Papal election history[edit]

Annuntio vobis gaudiam magnum. Habemus papam. Eminentissimum ac Reverendissimum Dominum, Dominum ... Sanctae Romanae Ecclesia Cardinale ...

  • JP II []

Keys of This Blood[edit]

  • Martin: pope of jewish decent

Windswept House[edit]

  • JP II resignation orchestrated
  • Inthronement of Satan in Vatican and US [1]

Malachi Martin[edit]

Kaiser allegations[edit]

  • Kaiser: drunk & homosexual

Alleged prayer of John XXIII[edit]

  • Faurisson & Serviam : false prayer
  • ... allege that the so called Prayer of the Jews, published in the 1965 Commentary article Vatican II & the Jews under the pseudonym of F.E. Cartus, re name="Cartus2"> and attributed to be written by pope John XXIII some days before his death, was actually a hoax.The Archbishop of Chicago John S. Quinn there after lets the prayer be read in his diocese. This was published shortly after in Europe n, among others the Dutch monthly De Tijd <De Tijd, March 18 1965, the Swiss Fribourgian daily La Libertée and La documentation catholique

Alleged mysterious death / Medjugorje hoax[edit]

A tragic fall, reportedly delivered by “an unseen hand”, caused Malachi Martin’s second stroke in twelve months. On Tuesday, July 27th, Father Malachi Brendan Martin silently passed away in Manha ttan, only a few days after reaching his 78th birthday.

The invisible (preternatural?) force that shoved Father Martin into a stumble, wherein he hit and fatally traumatized his head remains unknown. Yet, before an accompanying stroke claimed his physical existence, while lying in critical condition, Father managed to convey to a close friend, prudently preferring to remain anonymous...“I felt something push me, but... no one was there.”

Coincidental or Related? In the months preceding his unsuccessful battle, Father was rehabilitating from a stroke brought on last Summer (1998). This lesser health attack closely followed him granting his Website designer, Star Harbor of Texas, permission to post what is known as “the Medjugorje Hoax” note on the Internet. When politely asked beforehand for permission to use his words against this “Satanic” cult, Father Martin replied, “By all means. Of course you have my permission to use it.”

For the unfamiliar, Unity Publishing is a nonprofit, lay mission based in Southern California, singularly noted for going against the tide of the self-proclaimed, fraudulent, vainglorious, and those who’ve come to be known as “celebrity mystics”, and daring at great personal sacrifice and risk to expose the errors of such evil ways. In courageously battling the powerful, incestuous, worldwide clan and lobby of Medjugorje promoters, Unity Publishing has come under singular and ferocious fire, from con artists hiding behind the Church’s apron (1), and using God’s most hallowed institution for their own gain.

“The Medjugorje Hoax” Note

Before we continue, Father Martin’s note to Unity Publishing contained a typical hearty thanks, congratulations and blessing for their work against what “has been a target of my criticism for fifteen years”, namely, what he called, “the Medjugorje Hoax”, and added, “It was Satanic from the beginning.” Father’s casual correspondence, inflammatory to lovers of this, et al. false apparitions, came after he received and viewed “Visions On Demand”. This documentary was the first of two Unity Publishing videos to expose the lunacy and scandals spewing forth from the volcanic ash of Mount Medjugorje’s unholy dominion.

The Conspirators

On the heels of Father’s initial stroke, a disgruntled, housewife and Medjugorje sympathizer, Denise Zuppe, his then “assistant” hired solely to help answer mail, joined forces with Mrs. Kakia Livanos, a woman the New York Times has sorely labeled Father Martin’s “companion” (2). While Father Martin laid in a New York hospital incapacitated from his August assault, united in purpose, intent, and concerted effort, these two subversive (3) women conspired, and ultimately collaborated, to deliberately rifle Father’s apartment of his business effects, personal computer, telephone, fax machine, stationary and yes, even his pens, pencils and stamps. In one of Father’s few private phone conversations with a close friend, he revealed that, his “handlers” had “taken away everything I had to write with.”

Why would anyone do such a thing? Why would two seemingly unrelated women perpetrate a second story job on a priest? Could their actions have had anything to do with the fact that Father Martin was finishing a book set to expose a pervasive evil in the Church -- Satanic pedophilia? Was the spirit compelling them to violate the sanctity of Father Martin’s apartment and belongings little more than the same fallen power dominating the blind hearts and minds of those promoting Medjugorje? Were they sorely upset that he had gone “too public” in letting his anti-Medjugorje sentiments be made known to the world?

Furthermore, we ask... What prompted millionairess Livanos to enlist the aid of a housewife with a paper route (Zuppe)? What drove the former to shut Father Martin off entirely from the world -- one might even say incarcerate him under house arrest -- and deprive this gregarious priest, deeply in love with his fellow man, all human contact? What drove Zuppe to blindly work at discrediting the priest she claimed to love and serve?

We dare pose these questions, knowing that Mrs. Livanos disclosed long before Father’s first mishap that she wanted him to retire. Given Kakia Livanos’ furtive carpe diem conduct, in which she flew a Massachusetts housewife from Boston to Manhattan (on her dime) to be her burglary accomplice, and her insensitivity, to say the least, to Father Martin’s reaction to this crime, we cannot help but wonder how serious Mrs. Livanos was about imposing her will on God’s servant. That is to inquire, “Why should ending Father Martin’s ministry be of any concern to a landlord?” Was she moved by and part of some other scheme? Was she deliberately named Kakia(4) at birth, as part of a yet more nefarious plot to take out God’s privileged and persevering knight?

“Will you shut down Father’s Website... for me?”

As a brief aside, after Father suffered his first stroke, the Livanos-Zuppe connection conspired and labored to coerce Star Harbor into shutting down Father Martin’s Website. When Star Harbor (5) refused to do so any such thing without hearing from Father Martin, Livanos and Zuppe then connived to dupe them into taking down Father Martin’s Website by emailing a letter forged to look like his hand. In truth, this note resembled another (6) sent to unity Publishing from Mrs. Livanos in her own hand. In a badgering after hours phonecall to Star Harbor, Kakia coyly inquired, “Will you shut down Father’s Website... for me?” Need we say, that the principals at Star Harbor were and remain aghast at her brazen behind-the-back tactics? They are not alone.

In the middle of the intrigue to undermine Father Martin’s work, name and reputation, and plot to emphatically close his Star Harbor Website, Livanos and Zuppe pretended that it was “too much for him to maintain”. However, they quickly proved this claim to be ridiculous and no more than an outright lie. This statement was ridiculous, because Father Martin did absolutely nothing to maintain his Website; Star Harbor did it all for him. It was a lie because, in a futile attempt to cancel the positive effects of “the Medjugorje Hoax” note, Livanos and Zuppe fraudulently registered a new domain in his name. Why start a new Website if his original site was “too much for him”?

Using “” as their handle and electronic base of operations, they promptly proceeded to redefine Father Martin’s persona and teachings by shamelessly daring to pose as him and author ludicrous statements in his name. For example, “Suicide is an act of God’s mercy.” Deliberately implying Medjugorje wasn’t so bad, Livanos and Zuppe unwittingly and proudly revealed their true colors by linking this bogus Website to the Medjugorian site of fellow thieves of Father’s good name, Ted and Maureen Flynn (7). A number of bystanders suspect the Flynns were complicit in the premeditated takeover of Father Martin’s identity from the beginning. They proudly boasted a return link from their site to “”... and proclaimed they knew Father was upset over his Star Harbor site. Given the fact that Father Martin wanted nothing to do with the Flynns, and avoided all association with them, this prevarication is most illuminating.

Taking a deep breath, need we ask... “If Livanos and Zuppe weren’t tied to Medjugorje, why did they create a Medjugorian Website and associate with Medjugorian promoters all in Father Martin’s name?”

Thank God, were it not for Father’s innate and cultivated brain power, skillful wordsmithing, and profound insights, these fumblers might have succeeded... but as fate would have it, their dim wits, impoverished grasp of the English language and incapacity for true spiritual insight swiftly demonstrated to all who had come to know and love Father throughout the years, that their bogus creation could not possibly be the work of a man so lettered and refined. After including forged articles and attributing them to Father Martin, their motives became unmistakably distinct. They were not concerned with Father’s interests in the least... only protecting their own. In essence, posing as Father Martin in the eyes of the public and making him out to be an idiot was not beneath them.

Insatiably outraged because Star Harbor and Father Martin’s technical advisors insisted on keeping his Website open until he instructed them otherwise, Livanos and Zuppe (8) mounted and waged a campaign of belligerent phonecalls, mail, email and Internet harassments (9), replete with profanity and unfounded threats of litigation and physical violence. While Star Harbor held the creative copyright to Father Martin’s Website, Livanos and Zuppe sought to intimidate them into closing the blinds on the intellectual property they had taken well over a year to build; all PRO BONO.

In an attempt to bend Star Harbor to their will and embarrass them into submission, i.e. shutting down, they posted an attorney’s letter on their phony site, disguised as Father Martin’s doing. The idiocy of such a libelous maneuver defies all sense. If Father Martin had distanced himself from the Flynns by merely leaving them alone, what makes any rational person think that he would take to the Internet to publicly humiliate personal friends into shutting down a Website he authorized and blessed?

All this angry move demonstrated was just how ugly and base the spirit behind Medjugorje is. How can we say this? Going back to the beginning, there was no “Website controversy” whatsoever until the Medjugorje crowd got wind of Father Martin’s public stance against them. From that point forward, Father’s health was smitten, thousands of copies of “Windswept House” were inexplicably destroyed, his personal effects were stolen, his friends were hounded to abandon him, he was kept mute under lock and key, and his final writings -- God only knows where his last will and testament is -- remain unseen, unspoken and unheard.

Truth - Greater than Fiction

Before we close, it should be clear to anyone with a grade one I.Q. and knowledge of human nature and Father Martin, that if he had truly wanted Star Harbor to shut down his Website he would have simply instructed them to do so. Instead, one day, when able to secretively secure a private phoneline, he had enough time to tell them in an uncharacteristically weak voice, “I’m having difficulty talking.... Let’s continue to do God’s work together.. and talk next Tuesday.” Tuesday’s phonecall never came, and that was the last time his servants at Star Harbor ever heard from him.

Portrait of A Lie

Are you receiving a clear picture? Do you see the reason for our questions? They remain unanswered. Can you comprehend the angst of his close friends, Spiritual Director and allies; all left completely in the dark over the last year of Father Martin’s imprisonment, only privileged to hear the propaganda Livanos and Zuppe would leak from time to time? Do you agree that something isn’t right with this picture? Why would Father Martin’s words, “Let’s continue to do God’s work together.” -- uttered from his own mouth, in his own voice -- contradict the words of Livanos and Zuppe, unless their scheme to silence him was, under the pretense of caretaking, nothing more than a PORTRAIT OF A LIE.

Under the guise of keeping their patient quiet, Livanos and Zuppe persistently labored to thwart EACH and EVERY person close with Father Martin away from him. They both evaded every question of his well-being, and even denied his friends the opportunity to speak with Father when he proved to be present at their call (10). These two ladies, Kakia Livanos in particular, made it their special interest and mission to especially deprive him contact from those who had brought him the most joy before his mishap. For certain, recovering from a stroke mandates rest and relaxation... HOWEVER... who ever heard of therapeutic solitary confinement? No one gets better in jail.

Over the course of Father’s rehab, it became manifest that he was healthy enough to speak with select individuals, e.g. an FBI investigator probing the death of Fr. Kunz... a young seminarian... and a token few others. After these visits, he was always reported as doing well and suffering no visible effects of his initial setback. Are we the only ones who take pause in asking, “Why was your Spiritual Director shut off, Father Martin?” Why did Livanos and Zuppe make a point of cruelly telling your former nurse of twenty-five years that she was “fired”? “How did you come to be surrounded by such evil, ill-intentioned souls?” “Were your forthright and challenging words -- “IT WAS SATANIC FROM THE BEGINNING.” -- too much for the Medjugorje powerbrokers to swallow, the beginning of your end?”

Words Never Spoken, Song Never Sung

Earlier this year, the meddling Medjugorian, Zuppe, told Unity Publishing that Father Martin would unravel the controversy regarding his Web presence on an Art Bell radio broadcast. Regrettably, alike so many idle threats, this one never materialized. We would have welcomed the opportunity to hear Father explain the tale of the tape, and declare for all the world to hear where he truly stood regarding Medjugorje and the pretenders making him out to be one of them. And yet, under the circumstances of his solitudinous final days, unusual fall and lethal blow, it’s not a stretch of reason to wonder if those opposed to Father’s mighty, priestly pen might not have had foreknowledge -- or at least a participatory premonition -- of his demise. To think otherwise is to rule their threats utterly inane and insane. To suspect a sinister foresight controlled their proud tongues is more plausible. In criminal circles, this is especially so. Premeditation makes psychopaths more psychopathic.

Year of Silence

What remains most unfortunate, sad and unaccountable in all this is, “Why did Father Martin seemingly accept his imposed silence this past year? Was he merely utilizing this time to make his final peace with his Maker, was he simply unable to overcome his opposition, or is there an intrigue running far beneath any question we can wittingly compose? Did he know too much to speak? Did he know enough to keep quiet?” While the answers to these ponderances have seemingly gone to the grave with Father, his silence in time remains a mystery, not adequately explained away by the minor stroke preceding his enigmatic fall.

Instead, as you now know, locked away from those closest to him, Father Martin was forced to remain speechless for nearly a year, and abide the debatable caretaking and blatant mishandling of Kakia Livanos and Denise Zuppe.

At the time of Father’s first stroke, he was taking a stroke-inhibitor medication proven to be better than 90% effective. Of course, he could have simply been of the smaller percentile, but given his virility, verve, zest for life and indomitable will to serve, all who knew him concur that his spirit of love in and for God was strong enough to overcome any such statistical challenge.

After the first stroke, why was Father Martin silent so long without speaking with those who cared for him? Why did he seem to avoid his Spiritual Director and closest friends? Likewise, why didn’t he ever phone us? If he truly endorsed the Livanos-Zuppe Website, and truly wanted Star Harbor’s site (11) closed, we would have gladly obliged his will with a mere phone call.

Also... Why was Father Martin’s signature forged during his recovery? Why did Livanos and Zuppe conspire to forge “” using his name and credentials -- without his knowledge -- and contradict what he had already written and signed against Medjugorje, unless they stood against him and for the Croatian nightmare known as Medjugorje? Are we the only ones to suspect that Father was, figuratively speaking, sleeping with the Enemy? Logic prevents us from reaching any other conclusion.

“Et tu, Brutus!”

Who were the two women that Father trusted with his life and belongings? What spirit motivated them to perform seemingly bizarre, criminal and covert acts? In their minds, they may have believed they were loyal and loving souls with Father’s interests at heart, but their actions dramatically argue otherwise.

And now, according to informed sources, who value their anonymity, Father’s last book(s) will NOT be published. On the subject of publishing, thousands of copies of “Windswept House” were destroyed, and Father was prevented from speaking out or writing his mind about these incidents to anyone. Once more, his landlady, Kakia Livanos forbade it. Even when he lay dying, she forbade consoling words to reach Father and news about his condition to reach the public... right up till the day he died.

Reiteratively, Kakia Livanos was Father Martin’s benefactress (patron of the Arts) and landlady, who provided him room and board and the oratory where he said daily Mass. She was not Roman Catholic but Greek Orthodox, and of a family that owned several Greek shipping lines. We and all of Father’s friends are sincerely indebted and grateful that she gave him a sanctuary from which to do God’s work, but we wonder if her possession of her tenant became unduly harmful to his health.

Denise Zuppe emailed Phil Maguire, a reporter from Australia, that only select people were allowed to go upstairs to visit Father Martin. Why weren’t his friends so privileged? Was Livanos apprehensive the more enlightened among them would pick up on her hidden agenda? Furthermore, did Father know and approve of her restrictions and visitor selections? Because he was only able to smuggle out a few scant last words, we solemnly doubt it.

We’d like to think that Father Martin’s handlers cared for him and intended to protect him, but their methods of health care leave much to be desired, and cause rational men and women to ask, “What in God’s name were they thinking about?”

Father’s Parting Blow

In one of his last coherent acts, Father Martin fired his entire staff. Was he then healthy enough to arrest those who set out to damage his good name in defense of Medjugorje? We think so. We also propose that he was nevermore a threat to the evil he opposed then in that moment.

Soon after wielding Saint Michael’s Sword into the Heart of the Medjugorje camp, and vowing to expose the villains in his tell-all last book, Father felt a spectre push him... and then he fell.

Though he rests beyond time now, depriving many of his compassion, genius and warm presence, Father Martin’s final act of resistance substantiates the validity of this newsletter, and suggests that Livanos and Zuppe did much more than try to silence him. They kept him in the dark about their machinations. With good cause. Father Martin would have fired his staff months before had he known then what he discovered too late -- the Enemy was within.

For more information on the bizarre events and even more bizarre people shadowing Father Martin’s last days on earth, visit Catholic Viewpoints on the Web or our own site at A colorized prayer card photo and brief farewell can be found on our webmaster’s site at

I would like to close by saying, that knowing the caliber of his friends -Dr. William Marra, Father Alfred Kunz, Stephen Brady, Paul Likoudis, Jerry Matatics, Michael Davies, Father Fitzgerald, Cecile Powell, Tom Fitzgerald, and many others

Foot Notes:

(2) While Father Fiore has written a justifiable, articulate and respectful defense of Father Martin (for which all who love him are grateful), and in so doing, implied defense of any sexual misconduct on the part of Livanos, given the latter’s behavior during the course of Father’s last days, it remains uncertain as to how much or diligently she singularly labored to force her longtime tenant to give up his pen, slow down and quit his priestly service. While she apparently maintained the posture of a dignified, aristocratic landlord, it is questionably unclear whether she was taken in by the Medjugorje crowd and duped into believing that Father Martin’s friends were his enemies... or... whether there was some other intent lurking behind her insistence on and penchant for silencing the priest who humbly resided under her roof. In truth, Kakia Livanos did far more than shelter Father Martin. She not only prevented him from sharing his last words with the world... but also, most notably, particularly forbade those closest to Father any access to him whatsoever. Under the weight of these undeniable facts, it is nigh impossible to believe that such a domineering and incarcerating personality was not either misled, or worse yet, misleading.

(3) Father Martin did not learn of the theft and destruction of his effects until he was released from the hospital -- into Mrs. Livanos’ custody no less. We know he was outraged and upset. What human heart cannot imagine the anguish, disappointment and torment this betrayal caused him? We dare ask, “Was the violation of Father Martin’s property the act of someone who cared about him, or behavior more indicative of people who wanted him out of the way?” Think what you will, it remains, once again, almost lunacy to believe that any sensible and caring person could be so callous and cruel. We think that piracy in any form, disguised under any feigned innocence, remains piracy. If Mrs. Livanos was merely Father Martin’s landlord, what gave her the right to behave so criminally? Was she, in effect, threatening to evict Father? Was her unconverted heart simply tired of boarding a man of God? Feel free to write us your thoughts. Maybe collectively, Father Martin’s handcuffed friends will get to the bottom of this sorry affair. We write to clear his name of any wrongdoing associated with those who conspired against him. Their acts to defy his wisdom and rewrite his legacy were theirs alone.

(5) Father Martin had contracted Star Harbor directly to create and maintain his Internet presence. He expressed his confidence in their art and spirit by saying, “Do whatever you want. I trust you.” He never once instructed them to take orders from Zuppe, and certainly would never have suggested they take instructions from his landlady.

(8) We say “Livanos and Zuppe” because Livanos the bogus Website was registered with an American Express card Father Martin was quick to proclaim was in his name but paid for entirely by her. Zuppe was the hapless creator of “” and pretender to his name and mind.

(9) Every piece of email with its transmission routing, along with every other correspondence has been recorded saved and disseminated to multiple safe hands.

(10) In one of her harassing phone calls to Star Harbor, Father Martin walked into Mrs. Livanos’ kitchen. Instead of putting Father on the phone and ending her contrived controversy right then and there, she boldly said in a hushed voice, “Father just came in the room. Would you excuse me, please?” After hustling him from the room, with no mention of who she was speaking with, she returned, profaned God’s Holy Name with respect to Father Martin’s friends, and persisted in demanding, “Will you shut down Father’s Website? Will you do this for me? I’ll accept responsibility for it.” Though phrased as an innocent question, it was delivered as an imperial command.

(11) Before hanging up, Livanos indicated that she had the power to shut the bogus Website down, but... it remained open throughout her personal assault on Star Harbor. In fact, the more Star Harbor stood by Father Martin, the more crazed and incomprehensible became the alter Malachi Martin identity Livanos had Zuppe create on the Web.

(12) In the midst of the Livanos-Zuppe onslaught, Star Harbor passed their copyright to the Malachi Martin Website to Unity Publishing.

Alleged Garanbandal support[edit]

Regarding Garabandal: Father Martin was close friends with one of the children of Garabandal living in Manhattan. He respected her obedience to the Church, and disclosed privately that she was not convinced what she experienced came from God. We suspect, if he defended this disproved apparition in any way, as a firsthand witness to the piety of his friend, he was more influenced by her singular virtue.

However, not knowing his mind on this matter, if he was taken in by Garabandal's false claims, this error in judgment only proves the adage that, "No man is infallible." Without a doubt, Father was singularly devoted to Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Blessed Virgin Mary under her Church approved titles. In support of Garabandal, was he biased by friendship to not embarrass his friend? Perhaps. This would not be uncharacteristic. But even if deceived in this area, he does not stand alone among the saints who were similarly mistaken.... BUT... What's most important, this lone viewpoint did nothing to diminish his capacity for defending Holy Mother the Church from a preponderance of assaults and errors.

Alleged cardinal[edit]

  • Rama Coomaraswamy: cardinal


As a US Air Force Chaplain in Turkey, he brought the solace of Christianity to airmen serving far from home.

As an exorcist and spiritual warrior for Christ, he endured the soul-scorching onslaughts of preternatural violence--even suffering a heart attack during one particularly difficult exorcism--to free captive souls from the spiritual death-grip of demonic possession.

Angelic Pope[edit]

An ideal pope, recurrently prophesied in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

The Angelic Pope is mentioned first in 1267 by the Franciscan polymath Roger Bacon, who refers to a revelation some unnamed person had about him. The prophecy has been current, Bacon says, for forty years. This pope will reform the Church, getting rid of corruption and internal strife, and impress the world by his goodness and justice. Thanks to his influence, the breakaway Greek Christians will return to the Roman fold; the Jews will acknowledge Christ; and the Tartars and Saracens will cease to trouble Christendom. A brighter day will dawn, and, Bacon believes, in his own lifetime.

This glorious pontiff was adopted by the followers of Joachim of Fiore, who had already prophesied an Age of the Holy Spirit and now added the Angelic Pope to their program, as its inaugurator. In 1294 it seemed for a moment that he might have arrived. Pietro di Morrone, a humble and saintly hermit from Naples, was elected as Pope Celestine V. Public enthusiasm was tremendous, but he was unequal to the tasks of administration and soon resigned without effecting any reforms.

He became, however, a sort of prototype in Joachite imagination, and a true Angelic Pope was still hoped for. There might even be a succession of good popes, associated with another prophetic figure, the Second Charlemagne. These speculations were embodied in a series of symbolic pictures, the Vaticinia de Summis Pontificibus (Prophecies of the Supreme Pontiffs), culminating in the Angelic Pope.

When the Renaissance unleashed a wave of freelance preachers and prophets and the spread of printing created an enlarged audience for them, some of them spoke of fulfilling such predictions. In 1516 Fra Bonaventura, under Joachite influence, announced that he actually was the Angelic Pope and took it upon himself to excommunicate the real one, Leo X. In 1525 Pietro Galantino, an astrologer, likewise under Joachite influence, seems to have regarded himself in much the same light. The official Church tried to bring such outbreaks under control; the Fifth Lateran Council was censorious, though without denying that revelations of the future could happen and, by implication, might have happened for the Joachites. Guesswork of a more responsible kind fastened briefly on other candidates, including Leo himself, an unfortunate choice since, far from bringing harmony, he provoked the Reformation. Marcellus II, elected in 1555, may have inspired hopes, but he did not live long enough to show whether he was angelic or not.

After Marcellus, the atmosphere of the Church was unfavorable to such speculation. Nevertheless, towards the end of the sixteenth century, further prophecies became current that led up, like the Vaticinia, to an Angelic Pope in an indefinite future. One of them, attributed to Saint Malachy, has an interest of its own as containing—arguably—a number of fulfilled predictions.

George Eliot mentions the Angelic Pope in her historical novel Romola