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Stijn AI Ghesquiere Lives in [Belgium]. He obtained his PhD in molecular genetics in 2006 at the University of Maastricht and currently works as clinical cytogeneticist at the Academic Hospital Maastricht.

He created and maintains a website dedicated to the Ampullariidae : Besides apple snails, Stijn also tries to gather more attention to the old and unfortunately rare chicken breed, the brakel.

He is a big fan of GNU-linux and open source in general. He strongly opposes software patents, and believes that copyright should be limited to no longer then the life of the author. After all, we all benefit from the work and creativity other people. No-one can say he/she did invent everything without using work and information derived from other people. So once money has been earned, Stijn believes, it's time to give other chances to fully benefit from your work too.