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    I am at the University of Edinburgh / University of Argyle House at a DLAM training session.

    I read an interesting article on the BBC News site about Gary Lineker and I can cite it after the full stop. [1]

    I can also reuse my citation later on in the article. [1]



    I work at the University of Edinburgh and am the Wikimedian in Residence there.

    I am at an amazing training session run by the University of Edinburgh.

    Things I want to edit about[edit]

    • LGBTQ+ History
    • Gender History
    • Black History

    My research area[edit]

    • Women in STEM

    My example citation[edit]

    Cite what you write. Write in your own words.

    I read a fab article on the BBC News website about Harry and Meghan which I cite after the full stop. [2] [3]

    And then I can reuse the same citation later in my article. [3][2]

    If I have web address URL, a journal article DOI code, book ISBN number or a Pubmed Identifier I can auto generate citations using the Cite dropdown menu and these will also save as references at the foot of the page when I publish my edits. [4]

    Templates I can add[edit]

    • This is a new user
    • Infobox Wikipedia user (for your own userpage)
    • Infobox person (for generic biography articles)
    • new user article (for putting on Talk pages of articles you have newly published in the Wikipedia main space).

    My example image[edit]

    I will do a keyword search of the 85 million free to use images in Wikipedia's sister project, Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. I can upload my own 'open-licensed' images to Wikimedia Commons if they are my own work, public domain or CC-0, CC-BY or CC-BY-SA licensed. I can look for open licensed images using image search aggregator tools like the Creative Commons "CC Search tool" and filtering my search for Public domain, CC-0, CC-BY or CC-BY-SA images.


    These appear at the foot of the Wikipedia page and are added to published pages in the Wikipedia main article space. You can find categories in the Visual Editor dropdown menu indicated with 3 horizontal lines.


    — Wikipedian  —
    Ewan McAndrew on Mt. Fitzroy (with an orange)
    NameEwan McAndrew
    BornAberdeen, Scotland
    Country Scotland, UK
    Current locationGlasgow and Edinburgh
    Time zoneGMT
    Height5' 10"
    Education and employment
    OccupationWikimedian in Residence
    EmployerUniversity of Edinburgh
    UniversityUniversity of Glasgow
    Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
    HobbiesReading, writing, hiking, swimming, going to the movies, playing the mandolin.

    English literature, Modern History, Technology, Travel, Films, Information Science, Libraries, Archives, Gaming, Football, Badminton.

    Contact info


    Grey squirrel on a wall eyeing food
    Grey squirrel on a wall eyeing food

    Hi, I'm Stinglehammer (Ewan).

    — Wikipedian  —
    NameEwan McAndrew
    Country Scotland

    I'm employed as a Wikimedian in Residence at The University of Edinburgh.

    I have a second Wikipedia account (User:EMcAndrew) which I use for training purposes. And User:VidEwan for video tutorials.

    This is one of the many reasons why we do this: WATCH "Life in a Day - Abel and his laptop" (with thanks to Martin Poulter for providing the heads up on the link)

    If you ever feel like getting involved in some of our projects or training sessions then message me, by all means. I'd be glad to hear from you.

    The old project page for the residency is located here: Wikipedia:University of Edinburgh and my blog is here: But our new (since 2020) student-created website can be accessed here.

    Real name: Ewan McAndrew Email: Twitter handle: @emcandre Location: Glasgow and Edinburgh

    About me[edit]

    I have an MA in English (Literature & Language) & Modern History from University of Glasgow, a postgraduate diploma (PgDip) in Software Development from Glasgow Caledonian University and a PGDE in English & Media Teaching from University of Strathclyde. I also hold a TEFL certificate from I-to-I and have undertaken short courses in creative writing & screenwriting. I most recently completed on the Information Management MSc course at the University of Northumbria (accredited by CILIP and the ARA).


    Our students have helped created a Wikidata map of Accused Witches in Scotland: Accused Witches in Scotland

    Wikimedia in the Curriculum[edit]

    We created a new booklet of case studies of Wikimedia in the Curriculum (UK) which is available at: Wikimedia in UK Education

    Celtic Knot[edit]

    We hosted the first Celtic and Minority Language Wikipedia Conference in 2017 and happily this has been repeated every year since with hosts such as the National Library of Wales, the University of Exeter/Cornish Wikipedia, Wikimedia Ireland, and Wikimedia Norge.

    Things I like[edit]

    I love travelling, music, history, cinema and literature, and this all feeds into my regular day-job of teaching of English & Media Studies. I'm interested in all kinds of stories (movies, books, plays) and create my own stories from time to time. Above all, I'm passionate about the idea of lifelong learning and broadening your horizons. Hence why I'm here and why I'm trying to learn how to play the guitar, piano and mandolin (all very badly).

    My Wikidata subpages[edit]

    1. List of Edinburgh alumni who are health professionals
    2. List of Edinburgh medical alumni born in Edinburgh
    3. List of Edinburgh buildings and their architects
    4. List of Architects with UK citizenship, grouped by place of education
    5. User:Stinglehammer/Spies from the UK
    6. User:Stinglehammer/Female spies
    7. User:Stinglehammer/InternationalAlumni
    8. Notable people whose doctoral advisor was a University of Edinburgh alum (+ academic field) - Hit 'EXECUTE' to run the Wikidata query.
    9. Awards won by women who attended the University of Edinburgh - Hit 'EXECUTE' to run this Wikidata query
    10. Awards won by people employed by the University of Edinburgh - Hit 'EXECUTE' to run this Wikidata query
    11. Organisations founded by people born in Edinburgh - Hit 'EXECUTE' to run this Wikidata query
    12. User:Stinglehammer/STEM/Science (List of all those working in field of science & its subclasses)
    13. User:Stinglehammer/Scottish Gaelic
    14. User:Stinglehammer/ScottishFemaleWriters
    15. Female authors with UK citizenship


    1. Wikipedia:WikiProject Women in Red
    2. Wikipedia:WikiProject Women artists
    3. Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, and more.
    4. List of Gothic artists
    5. Gothic architecture
    6. Gothic architects
    7. Category: Gothic paintings
    8. List of gothic fiction works
    9. List of Gothic horror films
    10. Writers of Gothic fiction
    11. Gothic novels
    12. Southern Gothic films
    13. VIDEO - The GLAM-WIKI Revolution



    1. Content Translation tool
    2. A tool which 'scores' a Wikipedia page. (tick the checkbox for WP10 once you've selected enwiki from the dropdown menu)
    3. Cat-a-lot gadget for Wikicommons
    4. Citation Hunt tool
    5. Free Image search tool
    6. to Commons tool
    7. Flickr2commons tool
    8. Wikidata map of all the Wikipedia articles located within a 2km radius of University of Edinburgh
    9. FlickrFree shows free, recently uploaded images on Flickr, ready for transfer to Commons.
    10. URL2Commons can transfer files from a list of URLs to Commons.
    11. Reasonator - Wikidata "in pretty".
    12. Todo, little things you can do on Wikidata.
    13. BaGLAMa, monthly view counts for pages containing images from selected Commons categories.
    14. (Wikipedia where in OSM) is a project to show for a Wikipedia article geometric objects from OpenStreetMap.
    15. GLAMorous, a tool to keep track of Commons images used on other projects.
    16. Wikishootme: Have a camera? Find places nearby that have items on Wikidata but no images yet, and see your pictures beautify an article or two!
    17. Uptrends on English Wikipedia this week
    18. Wikiradio is an audio service transmitted via Internet streaming. Each sound is the that the community has chosen to be highlighted as some of the finest on Wikipedia and Commons.
    19. Geohack for Edinburgh
    20. Convert PDF to SVG.
    21. Autolist 2
    22. Catnap
    23. Catfood
    24. Video2commons
    25. Wikimedia search
    26. Tool to turn Excel table into Wiki code
    27. Recent deaths tool - gets recent celebrity deaths from Find-A-Grave, and compares it with Wikidata items
    28. Page views tool
    29. Herding tool - Useful for tracking edits of user groups after an event.
    30. Passing On is a design experiment in using data, stories, and cooperation to change women's representation online.
    31. Mix n Match tool
    32. Word count
    33. Prose size

    Articles of interest[edit]

    Dr Humphrey Southall, Reader in Geography, University of Portsmouth, written with Dr Martin Poulter, describe a Wikipedia-based assignment given to first-year students in Applied Human Geography and also looking at how academics can inform the widest public about their subject, and raise awareness of the reliable sources used in research.

    UCL Centre for Translation Studies (CenTraS) ran an event for 36 postgraduate translation studies students, all new to editing Wikipedia, to learn how to contribute to the online encyclopedia anyone can edit. Co-organiser Dr Mira Vogel discusses its success.

    Prezi presentation.

    1. Wikipedia 15 and Education - WikiEdu blog.
    2. 'You probably haven’t even noticed Google’s sketchy quest to control the world’s knowledge' The Washington Post - Caitlin Dewey, May 11 2016

    Wikipedia & Altmetric[edit]

    1. Click here for the Wikipedia & Altmetric folder
    2. A tool which 'scores' a Wikipedia page. (tick the checkbox for WP10 once you've selected enwiki from the dropdown menu)
    3. Citation Hunt tool

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    • The Guardian


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