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Article description image country of citizenship given name family name date of birth place of birth place of detention occupation field of work educated at place of death
Alicia Partnoy Argentinian dissident poet Argentina Alicia 1955 Bahía Blanca writer
Universidad Nacional del Sur
Aminatou Haidar Sahrawi political activist
Aminatou Haidar 2.jpg
Western Sahara 1966-07-24 Akka activist
Annette Lu Taiwanese politician
Taiwan Vice-President Annette Lu (呂秀蓮副總統) gives a speech at the 228 Memorial in Taipei.jpg
Taiwan Annette 1944-06-07
Shinchiku Prefecture politician
National Taiwan University
University of Illinois system
University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
Harvard Law School
Antoinette Chahin Lebanon person ♀ Lebanon
Aster Fissehatsion Eritrean politician Eritrea 1951 Abyssinia politician
Atena Farghadani Iranian painter Iran 1986 Tehran painter
Alzahra University
Aung San Suu Kyi State Counsellor of Myanmar and Leader of the National League for Democracy
Remise du Prix Sakharov à Aung San Suu Kyi Strasbourg 22 octobre 2013-18.jpg
Myanmar 1945-06-19 Yangon politician
human rights activist
Lady Shri Ram College for Women
Basic Education High School No. 1 Dagon
St Hugh's College
SOAS, University of London
Ayşenur Zarakolu author, publisher, human rights activist Turkey 1946-05-09 Antakya Turkey publisher
human rights activist
Birtukan Mideksa Ethiopian politician Ethiopia 1975 Addis Ababa judge
John F. Kennedy School of Government
Cao Shunli Chinese lawyer and human rights activist People's Republic of China Cao 1961-03-28 Beijing lawyer China University of Political Science and Law
Peking University
Cheng Jianping Chinese dissident 1964 human rights activist
Dita Indah Sari Indonesian trade unionist Indonesia Dita 1972-12-30 Medan politician
trade unionist
Eren Keskin Turkish activist Turkey Eren Keskin 1959-04-24 Bursa human rights activist
Fadhila Mubarak Bahraini democracy activist
Haleh Sahabi Iranian activist Iran 1957 Tehran journalist University of Tehran Tehran
Homa Hoodfar Iranian anthropologist Iran 1950 Iran anthropologist Concordia University
Irom Chanu Sharmila civil rights activist
Irom sharmila at calicut.jpg
India 1972-03-14 Imphal poet
Iryna Khalip Belarusian journalist Belarus Iryna 1967-11-12 Minsk journalist Q4201508
Ivonne Malleza Galano Cuban dissident Cuba Ivonne
Jenni Williams Zimababwean activist
Jenni Williams of WOZA.jpg
Zimbabwe Jenni Williams 1962-04-01 human rights activist
Jennifer Latheef Maldivian activist Jennifer 1973 journalist
Jila Baniyaghoob Iranian journalist Iran 1970-08-21 Bandar-e Anzali journalist
essay Allameh Tabatabaei University
Kate Richards O'Hare American activist
Kate Richards O'Hare in 1915.jpg
United States of America Kate 1877-03-26 Missouri State Penitentiary politician
Khadija Ismayilova Azerbaijani investigative journalist
Хадиджа Исмаилова на заседании ОБСЕ в 2014 году.jpg
Azerbaijan Khadija Ismayilova 1976-05-27 Baku journalist journalist Baku State University
Kimberly Rivera U.S. Army war resister United States of America Kimberly Rivera 1982
Leyla Yunus Azerbaijani activist
Leyla Yunus.jpg
Soviet Union
Leila 1955-12-21 Baku human rights activist
Baku State University
Leyla Zana Turkish activist and politician
Zana (cropped).jpg
Turkey Leyla Zana 1961-05-03 Silvan politician
Liu Xia Chinese painter, poet and photographer
People's Republic of China Liu 1961-04-01 Beijing painter
Lori Berenson translator, unpublished journalist United States of America Lori Berenson 1969-11-13 New York City translator
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Loujain Alhathloul Saudi Arabian activist
Loujain Alhathloul.jpg
Saudi Arabia 1989-07-31 Jeddah feminist
human rights activist
University of British Columbia
Manal al-Sharif Saudi Arabian activist
Manal al-Shraif.jpg
Saudi Arabia Manal 1979-04-25 Mecca writer
computer scientist
computer scientist King Abdulaziz University
Mao Hengfeng Chinese activist People's Republic of China Mao 1961-12-09 human rights activist
Maria Alyokhina Russian political activist and musician
Maria Alekhina (Pussy Riot) at the Moscow Tagansky District Court - Denis Bochkarev.jpg
Soviet Union
Mariya 1988-06-06 Moscow politician
Mariam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag Sudanese woman, sentenced to death for apostasy Sudan Mariam 1987-11-03 Al Qadarif physician
Marta Beatriz Roque Cuban dissident
Marta Beatriz Roque.jpg
Martha 1945-05-16 Havana economist
human rights activist
Mie Mie Imprisoned Burmese democracy activist Myanmar Mie 1970 activist Dagon University
Nadezhda Tolokonnikova Russian political activist and musician
Nadezhda Tolokonnikova.jpg
Soviet Union
Nadezhda 1989-11-07 Norilsk singer political activism Moscow State University
Nahid Kalhori Iranian student activist Iran 1987-07-20 Qom
Nasrin Sotoudeh prominent human rights female lawyer in Iran
Nasrin Sotoudeh.jpg
Iran Nasrin 1963-04-03 Tehran journalist
human rights activist
essay Shahid Beheshti University
Nilar Thein Burmese democracy activist
Myanmar 1972-03-04 Yangon
Phyo Phyo Aung Burmese student activist
Phyo Phyo Aung.jpg
Myanmar 1988
Rebecca Kabugho Congolese activist
Rebecca Kabugho IWOC 2.jpg
Democratic Republic of the Congo Rebecca 1994-09-04 Goma activist
Rebiya Kadeer Uyghur politician
Rebiya Kadeer (2).jpg
People's Republic of China 1947-01-21 Altay City human rights activist
Reeyot Alemu Ethiopian journalist Ethiopia 1980-04-16 Addis Ababa journalist
Roxana Saberi American journalist
Roxana Saberi speaking.jpg
United States of America
Roxana Saberi 1977-04-26 Belleville journalist
association football player
beauty pageant contestant
Medill School of Journalism
Samar Badawi Saudi Arabian feminist
Samar Badawi at 2012 IWOC Award (cropped).jpg
Saudi Arabia Samar 1981-06-28 Saudi Arabia Dahaban human rights activist
San San Nweh Burmese dissident writer Myanmar 1953s Tharrawaddy, Burma journalist
Serkalem Fasil Ethiopian journalist Ethiopia 1978 journalist
Shin Suk-ja South Korean prisoner of North Korea South Korea Sook-ja Shin 1942 Tongyeong human rights activist
Soni Sori Indian activist and prisoner India 1975 Chhattisgarh human rights activist
Stella Nyanzi human rights activist (*1974) ♀ Stella 1974 Masaka District human rights activist Makerere University
Su Su Nway Burmese democracy activist
Su Su Nway.jpg
Myanmar Su 1971 politician
Ta Phong Tan Vietnamese blogger Vietnam 1968 Vĩnh Lợi blogger
Tal al-Mallohi Syrian blogger Syria 1991-01-04 Homs blogger
Tatyana Velikanova Soviet dissident and human rights activist Soviet Union
Tatjana 1932-02-03 mathematician Moscow State University Moscow
Tuhama Mahmoud Ma'rouf Syrian communist 1964 University of Aleppo
Vera Chirwa Malawian lawyer and activist Malawi Vera 1932-05-26 Malawi politician
Yecenia Armenta Graciano Mexican person ♀ Mexico
Yekaterina Samutsevich Russian musician
Yekaterina Samutsevich (Pussy Riot) at the Moscow Tagansky District Court - Denis Bochkarev.jpg
Russia Jekaterina 1982-08-09 Moscow programmer
Moscow State University
Yorm Bopha Cambodian land rights activist Cambodia 1983 activist
Zainab al-Khawaja Bahraini activist
Zainab Alkhawaja in Nabeel Rajab's house crop.jpg
1983 human rights activist Beloit College
Осипова, Татьяна Семёновна Soviet Union person (*1949) ♀ Soviet Union Tatiana 1949-03-15 Omsk


Article description image country of citizenship given name family name date of birth place of birth place of detention occupation field of work educated at place of death
Abdolfattah Soltani Iranian human rights defender Iran 1953-11-02 human rights activist
Abdollah Momeni Iranian activist Iran 1976-05-31 Kuhdasht activist
Abdollah Nouri Iranian politician
Abdullah Nouri.jpg
Iran 1950 Isfahan politician
Abdulhadi al-Khawaja Bahraini human rights activist
Abdulhadi Alkhawaja.jpg
Bahrain 1961-04-05 Bahrain human rights activist
Adem Demaçi Albanian politician Kingdom of Yugoslavia
Albanian Kingdom
Albanian Kingdom
Democratic Federal Yugoslavia
Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Serbia and Montenegro
Adem 1936-02-26 Podujevo politician
human rights activist
University of Pristina Pristina
Adnan Hajizadeh Azerbaijani blogger Azerbaijan Adnan Hajizadeh 1983-07-13 Baku Khazar University
University of Richmond
Adolfo Fernández Sainz Cuban journalist Cuba Adolfo 1946 journalist
Adolfo Pérez Esquivel Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1980
Argentina Adolfo Pérez 1931-11-26 Buenos Aires architect
university teacher
National University of La Plata
Agustin Aguayo United States Army soldier and conscientious objector United States of America Agustin 1971 Guadalajara
Ahmad Batebi Iranian activist
Iran Ahmad 1977-07-25 Shiraz journalist
Ahmad Qatamesh Palestinian author Ahmad 1950 writer
Ahmed Abdul Khaleq Bedoun activist United Arab Emirates Ahmed 1977
Akın Birdal Turkish human rights activist and politician Turkey Akin Birdal 1948-01-02 Niğde politician
human rights activist
Ankara University
Alaksandar Kazulin Belarusian politician Soviet Union
Mikhailovich 1955-11-25 Minsk politician
educational technology Q55408619
Alaksandr Fiaduta Soviet specialist in literature and journalist
Soviet Union
1964-11-03 Grodno literary scholar
philology Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno
Alber Saber Egyptian blogger
Albert Langer Australian activist Australia Albert Langer
Alejandro González Raga Cuban journalist Cuba Alejandro González 1958-01-29 journalist
Aleksander Hawryluk Polish writer and poet (1911-1941)
Gavryljuk O.jpg
Soviet Union
Aleksander 1911-04-10 Lublin Voivodeship writer
Ales Bialiatski Belarusian activist
Alaksandr Bialacki.jpg
Soviet Union
Q18380413 1962-09-25 Vyartsilya writer
human rights activist
Francysk Skaryna Homiel State University
Ales Michalevic Belarusian politician
Ales Michalevic 05.jpg
Belarus Alyaksey 1975-05-15 Minsk politician
Belarusian State University
Alexander Aan Indonesian atheist and prisoner Indonesia Alexander 1981 civil servant
Alexander Nikitin Russian environmentalist Soviet Union
Aleksandr Nikitin 1952-05-16 Okhtyrka conservationist
human rights activist
Alexander Otroschenkov Belarusian journalist and activist
Alexander Otroschenkov.png
Alexander 1981-03-22 Minsk journalist European Humanities University
Alexandr Podrabinek Russian journalist Soviet Union
Aleksandr 1953-08-08 Moscow journalist
human rights activist
I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University
Alexey Navalny Russian anti-corruption activist
Alexey Navalny.jpg
Soviet Union
Alexey 1976-06-04 Odintsovsky District lawyer
Activist shareholder
human rights activist
video blogger
politician Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation
Yale University
Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
Yale World Fellows Program
Alexey Veniaminovich Sokolov Russian human rights activist (*1973) ♂ Russia Alexey Sokolov 1973-05-24 Yekaterinburg human rights activist
Alexis Sinduhije Burundian journalist Burundi Alexis 1967-05-05 Burundi journalist
Alfredo Domínguez Batista Cuban dissident
Alfredo Dominguez.JPG
Cuba Alfredo 1961-11-15 politician
Ali Abd Jalil Malaysia person (*1985) ♂ Malaysia 1985-04-08 Malaysia
Ali al-Abdallah writer Syria Ali human rights activist
Ali Anouzla Moroccan journalist Morocco Ali 2000s Agadir journalist
Ali Bourequat French writer and activist
Ali Bourequat.jpg
Morocco Ali 2000s Rabat writer
Ali Mohammed Baqir al-Nimr Saudi protestor
Saudi Arabia Ali 2000s human rights activist
Ali Salem Tamek Moroccan activist
Morocco Ali 1973-12-24 Morocco human rights activist
trade unionist
Ali Salman Bahraini Islamist Bahrain Ali 1965-10-30 Bilad Al Qadeem politician
Ali Shariati Iranian political activist and political prisoner Iran 1988 Tehran human rights activist
Alisher Karamatov Uzbekistani activist
Amadou Scattred Janneh Gambian politician, dissident The Gambia
United States of America
Amadou Janneh 1962-09-17 Kombo South politician
Amir-Abbas Fakhravar Iranian political activist
Amir Annie Taylor.jpg
Iran 1975-07-06 Tehran writer
Amos Yee Pang Sang blogger Singapore Amos Yu 1998-10-31 Singapore YouTuber Zhonghua Secondary School
Ampon Tangnoppakul Thai lese majeste prisoner Thailand 1948-01-01 Klong Prem Central Prison
Anar Bayramli Azerbaijani journalist 1981 journalist
Anar Mammadli Azerbaijani activist Azerbaijan 1978 Yevlakh human rights activist Azerbaijan University of Languages
Anatoly Lebedko Belarusian politician
Anatoly Lebedko Senate of Poland 01.JPG
Soviet Union
Anatoliy 1961-06-27 Q13030118 politician Faculty of Law at BSU
Andargachew Tsige Ethiopian opposition leader Ethiopia 1955-02-09 Addis Ababa politician University of Greenwich
Andrei Sakharov Soviet nuclear physicist and human rights activist
RIAN archive 25981 Academician Sakharov.jpg
Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic
Soviet Union
Andrei Sakharov 1921-05-21 Moscow physicist
human rights activist
physics MSU Faculty of Physics Moscow
Andrei Sannikov Belarusian politician and activist
Soviet Union
Andrei Q27104463 1954-03-08 Minsk diplomat Moscow State Linguistic University
Andrei Sinyavsky Russian writer, dissident, political prisoner, emigrant, Professor of Sorbonne University, magazine founder and publisher
Andrei Sinyavsky (1975).jpg
Soviet Union
Andrej 1925-10-08 Moscow writer
literary critic
science fiction writer
Moscow State University Paris
Andrzej Poczobut Belarusian journalist
Andrzej Poczobut portrait 2013.jpg
Belarus Andrei 1973-04-16 Vyalikaya Byerastavitsa journalist
journalist Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno
Annakurban Amanklychev Turkmenistani human rights activist journalist
Anton Suryapin Belarusian journalist Anton 1992 journalist
Antonio Augusto Villareal Acosta Cuban dissident Cuba Antonio 1950-09-01 politician
Antonio Díaz Sánchez Cuban dissident Cuba Antonio 1962-07-14
Anwar al-Bunni Syrian human rights lawyer Syria Anwar 1959 Hama lawyer
Anwar Ibrahim Malaysian politician
Anwar 980416.jpg
Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim 1947-08-10 Kuala Lumpur politician University of Malaya
Archbishop Jovan VI of Ohrid Orthodox Macedonian cleric and head of the Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric, an autonomous church
Arhiepiskop ohridski Jovan.jpg
Macedonia Jovan 1966-02-28 Bitola priest Q6645619
Aref Dalila Syrian economist and former Dean of the Faculty of Economics in Damascus University Syria 1942 Latakia economist Moscow State University
Arif Yunus Azerbaijani writer Azerbaijan Arif 1955-01-12 Baku writer Baku State University
Armando Valladares American diplomat and former Cuban prisoner United States of America
Armando Valladares 1937-05-30 Pinar del Rio human rights activist
Arnaldo Ramos Lauzerique Cuban dissident Cuba Arnaldo economist
Arturo Pérez de Alejo Rodríguez Cuban dissident Cuba Arturo 1951 Manicaragua human rights activist Miami
Arzhang Davoodi Iranian activist Iran 1952 politician
Asghar Khan Pakistani Air Force air marshal
Air Marshal Asghar Khan.jpg
British Raj
1921-01-17 Jammu military historian
peace activist
fighter pilot
Royal Air Force College Cranwell Rawalpindi
Asrat Woldeyes Ethiopian surgeon 1928-06-20 surgeon University of Edinburgh Philadelphia
Ata Abu Rashta Jurist, scholar and writer 1943 Cairo University
Aye Aung Burmese democracy activist Dagon University
Ayman Nour Egyptian politician
Ayman Noor (cropped).jpg
Egypt Ayman Nour 1964-12-05 Mansoura politician
Mansoura University
Azam Farmonov Uzbekistani activist
Azimzhan Askarov Kyrgyzstani activist and journalist
Azimzhan Askarov.jpg
Kyrgyzstan 1951 Kyrgyzstan journalist
Baik Tae-Ung South Korean lawyer and prisoner
Baik Tae-Ung.jpg
South Korea Tae-woong Baek 1962 Busan lawyer
trade unionist
Notre Dame Law School
Bakhtiyar Hajiyev Azerbaijani democracy activist
Hillary Rodham Clinton meets with Bakhtiyar Hajiyev June 6, 2012.jpg
1982 John F. Kennedy School of Government
Balys Gajauskas Lithuanian politician Lithuania Balys 1926-02-24 Vilkaviškis politician Vilnius
Bassem al-Tamimi Palestinian activist
20180406 Bassem Tamimi Nabi Salih West Bank Palestine.jpg
State of Palestine 1967 activist
Beko Ransome-Kuti Nigerian doctor and human rights campaigner Nigeria 1940-08-02 Abeokuta physician
Berhanu Nega Ethiopian politician Ethiopia Berhanu 1958 Bishoftu politician State University of New York
The New School
Bertrand Teyou Cameroonian author Cameroon Bertrand 1969 Douala New Bell Prison writer
Binayak Sen Indian human rights activist and doctor
Binayak Sen.jpg
India Binayak Sen 1950-01-04 human rights activist
Calcutta Boys' School
Christian Medical College & Hospital
Biram Dah Abeid Mauritanian politician
Biram Dah Abeid.jpg
Mauritania 1965-01-12 Boutilimitt politician
University of Nouakchott
Blas Giraldo Reyes Rodríguez Cuban dissident Cuba Blas 1955-08-07 librarian
Bolat Atabaev Kazakhstani theater director Kazakhstan 1952-05-15 theatre director
Boris Nemtsov Russian scientist, statesman and liberal politician
Boris Nemtsov 2003 RussiaMeeting.JPG
Russia Boris 1959-10-09 Sochi politician
Q42704516 Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge
Boris Şyhmyradow Turkmenistani politician Soviet Union
Boris 1949-05-25 Ashgabat politician Moscow State University
Brahim Dahane Sahrawi activist Brahim 1965 Laayoune human rights activist
Buchtar Tabuni Papuan activist Indonesia 1979 Indonesia politician
Calixto Martínez Cuban journalist Cuba journalist
Camilo Mejía US Army deserter and activist Nicaragua Camilo 1975-08-28 Managua politician
Chakufwa Chihana Chihana is a Malawian activist, trade unionist, and politician. He was known as the father of Democracy in Malawi Malawi 1939-04-23 politician
trade unionist
Nuffield College
University of Bradford
Charles Ntakirutinka Rwandan politician and dissdent Charles politician
Cheam Channy Cambodian member of parliament Cambodia 1961-02-15 politician
Chee Soon Juan Singaporean politician
Dr Chee Soon Juan.jpg
Singapore Chee Xu 1962-07-20 Singapore politician University of Georgia
Chen Guangcheng Chinese dissident lawyer
Chen Guangcheng at US Embassy May 1, 2012.jpg
People's Republic of China Chen 1971-11-12 Dongshigu lawyer
Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
Chen Wei Dissident and a human rights activist People's Republic of China Chen 1969-02-21 Suining writer Beijing Institute of Technology
Chia Thye Poh Singaporean activist and prisoner Malaysia Xie 1941 Singapore politician Erasmus University Rotterdam
Cosmas Desmond South African activist United Kingdom Cosmas 1935-11-19 East End of London writer Durban
Cruz Obiang Ebele Equatoguinean political activist Equatorial Guinea Cruz
Cu Huy Ha Vu Vietnamese lawyer Vietnam Q6745196 1957-12-02 Ân Phú lawyer University of Paris
Darsi Ferrer Ramírez Cuban dissident
Cuba 1969-11-02 Pinar del Rio journalist
human rights activist
West Palm Beach
Dawit Isaak Eritrean writer
Free Dawit!.jpg
Dawit Isaak 1964-10-27 Asmara journalist
Des Warren British trade unionist United Kingdom Des Warren 1937-10-10 construction worker
trade unionist
Dhabihu'llah Mahrami Iranian activist Iran 1946
Dhondup Wangchen Tibetan filmmaker
Dhondup Dangchen Protest NYC.jpg
People's Republic of China 1974-10-17 Haidong Xining journalist
film director
Diosdado González Marrero Cuban dissident Cuba González 1962-08-10 electrician
Doan Huy Chuong Vietnamese union leader and dissident Vietnam
Doan Van Dien Vietnamese union leader and dissident Vietnam
Ebrima Manneh Gambian journalist 1970 journalist
Eduard Lobau Belarusian democracy activist Lithuania Eduard 1988-12-01 Vilnius politician
Emadeddin Baghi Iranian dissident journalist
Emadedin Baghi (4).jpg
Iran 1962 journalist
Allameh Tabatabaei University
Emiliano Esono Michá Equatoguinean political activist Equatorial Guinea Emiliano Esono
Emin Milli Azerbaijani activist
Emin Milli at Art For Democracy event in Jazz Club, Baku.jpg
Azerbaijan Emin 1979-10-14 Baku dissident Baku State University
Eskinder Nega Ethiopian journalist and political prisoner Ethiopia 1968 journalist American University
Eugene V. Debs American labor and political leader
Eugene V Debs 1912.jpg
United States of America
Eugene 1855-11-05 Terre Haute politician
trade unionist
peace activist
Eynulla Fatullayev Azerbaijani journalist
Eynulla Fatullayev.jpg
Azerbaijan 1976-09-25 Baku journalist
Faisal Saleh journalist Sudan Faisal journalist
Faustin Ndikumana Burundian anti-corruption activist Faustin
Fela Kuti Nigerian musician and activist
Fela Kuti.jpg
Nigeria 1938-10-15 Abeokuta musician
Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance Lagos
Felix Bonne Engineering Professor Cuba Felix 1939 engineer
Félix Navarro Rodríguez Cuban dissident
Félix Navarro Rodríguez.jpg
Cuba Félix 1953-07-10 Perico teacher
Fidel Suárez Cruz Cuban dissident Cuba Fidel librarian
Filep Karma West Papuan independence activist Indonesia 1959-08-15 Biak politician
Francis Hong Yong-ho Catholic bishop
Francis Hong Yong-ho.jpg
North Korea Francis
1906-10-12 Pyongyang theologian
Catholic priest
Francis Seow Singaporean former politician and lawyer Singapore Francis Seow 1928 Singapore lawyer
New Rockford
Francisco Chaviano Cuban human rights activist Cuba Francisco 1953 politician
human rights activist
Fred Bauma Democratic Republic of the Congo person ♂; member of Filimbi and Lutte Pour Le Changement Democratic Republic of the Congo Fred
Gbenga Toyosi Olawepo Nigerian human rights activist
Gbenga Toyosi Olawepo.jpg
Nigeria 1965-06-28 University of Lagos
Gérard Jean-Juste Haitian activist
Painting Jean Juste.JPG
Haiti Gérard 1946-02-07 Cavaillon Catholic priest
Northeastern University Miami
Gerardo Angüe Mangue Equatoguinean political prisoner Gerardo
Gleb Yakunin Soviet dissident
Gleb Yakunin.JPG
Russia Gleb Yakunin 1934-03-04 Moscow politician
human rights activist
Grigory Pasko Russian journalist
Grigori Pasko.jpg
Soviet Union
Grigori 1962-05-19 Khreschenivka journalist
military officer
Lviv University
Gumersindo Ramírez Faustino Equatoguinean political activist Equatorial Guinea Gumersindo
Guo Feixiong human rights activist
Guo Feixiong.jpg
People's Republic of China Yang 1966-08-02 human rights activist
East China Normal University
Guo Xiaojun Chinese Falun Gong practitioner
Haile Woldense Eritrean politician Eritrea 1946 Maekel Region politician Addis Ababa University
Haitham al-Maleh Syrian human rights activist
Haitham al-Maleh.jpg
Syria Haytham 1931-08-15 Damascus lawyer
human rights activist
Halil Savda Turkish conscientious objector Turkey Halil 1974
Hamad al-Naqi Amnesty International prisoners of conscience 1986
Hamadi Jebali Tunisian politician and journalist
Hamadi Jebali - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2012-1.jpg
Tunisia Hamadi 1949-01-12 Sousse journalist
Tunis University
Hamid Pourmand Iranian Christian activist Hamid Pourmand 1958
Hamma Hammami Tunisian politician
Hamma Hammami meeting Jemmal.jpg
Tunisia 1952-01-08 El Aroussa politician
Hamza Kasgari Saudi Arabian writer
Saudi Arabia Hamza 1989 Jeddah journalist
Harry Wu Chinese activist
Harry Wu.jpg
United States of America Harry Wu 1937-02-08 Shanghai geologist
human rights activist
China University of Geosciences Honduras
Hatip Dicle Kurdish politician
Hatip Dicle (cropped).jpg
Turkey 1954 Diyarbakır politician Istanbul Technical University
Héctor Maseda Gutiérrez Cuban engineer and journalist Cuba Héctor 1943-01-18 journalist
human rights activist
Heshmat Tabarzadi Iranian activist
H.T (5).jpg
Iran 1959-03-21 Golpayegan journalist
Amirkabir University of Technology
Hồ Đức Hoà Vietnamese activist Vietnam 1974 Vietnam politician
Hong Song-dam South Korean artist 1955 artist
Hossein Rajabian Filmmaker, Writer and Photographer
Hossein Rajabian Iranian Filmmaker & Photographer.jpg
Iran 1984-07-05 Sari film director
Hossein Ronaghi Iranian political prisoner
Hossein Ronaghi.jpg
Iran Hossein 1985-07-04 Malekan blogger Islamic Azad University
Htay Kywe Burmese democracy activist
Myanmar 1968-06-12 Yangon
Hu Jia Chinese activist
Hu Jia China Humanright activist.jpeg
People's Republic of China Jia Hu 1973-07-25 Beijing civil rights advocate
computer scientist
Capital University of Economics and Business
Huang Qi Chinese dissident People's Republic of China Huang 1963-04-07 People's Republic of China human rights activist Sichuan University
Husham Ali Mohammad Ali Sudan human rights activist Sudan human rights activist
Ibrahim Sharif Bahraini dissident
Ibrahim 1957-05-15 Bahrain politician
Igor Sutyagin Russian physicist
Igor Sutyagin.jpg
Soviet Union
Igor Q4446846 1965-01-17 Moscow Lefortovo Prison physicist MSU Faculty of Physics
Ilya Yashin Russian activist and liberal politician
Yashin Ilia 2012.JPG
Russia Ilya Iachine 1983-06-29 Moscow Russia politician
human rights activist
International Independent University of Environmental and Political Sciences
İnan Süver Turkish prisoner of conscience İnan
Intiqam Aliyev Azerbaijani lawyer Bilasuvar District human rights activist Baku State University
Iosif Begun Soviet activist Soviet Union
Joseph 1932-07-09 Moscow human rights activist
Isgandar Hamidov Azerbaijani politician Azerbaijan 1948-04-10 Kalbajar District politician
Ismail Khilath Rasheed Maldivian activist Ismail journalist
J. S. Tissainayagam Sri Lankan journalist Sri Lanka J. journalist
Jabbar Savalan Azerbaijani activist 1991
Jack Mapanje Malawian poet Malawi Jack 1944 Mangochi District writer University of London
Jafar Panahi Iranian film director
Jafar Panahi, Cines del Sur 2007-1 (cropped).jpg
Iran Jafar Panahi 1960-07-11 Mianeh Evin Prison film director
film producer
film editor
Iran Broadcasting College
Jean-Claude Kavumbagu Burundian journalist Jean-Claude journalist
Jean-Claude Roger Mbede Cameroonian prisoner Cameroon Jean-Claude 1979 Kondengui Central Prison Ngoumou
Jean-Marie Seroney human rights activist
Jean-Marie Seroney.jpg
Kenya Jean-Marie 1927-07-25 Kapsabet human rights activist
University of London Parklands, Nairobi
Jigme Gyatso Tibetan independence activist
People's Republic of China 1961 Amdo
Joaquín Antonio Caceres Amnesty International prisoner of conscience working to distribute human rights information El Salvador Joaquín Antonio Caceres
Johan Teterisa Indonesian activist Indonesia Johan 1961 teacher
Jorge Luis González Tanquero Cuban dissident Cuba Jorge Luis 1970 human rights activist Miami
José Daniel Ferrer García Cuban Human Rights Activist
José Daniel Ferrer.jpg
Cuba José Daniel 1970-07-29
José Marcos Mavungo Angola person ♂ Angola José
Josef Beran Czech cardinal, professor and theologist
Praha socha kardinála Berana 5.jpg
Czechoslovakia Josef Beran 1888-12-29 Plzeň Dachau concentration camp pedagogue
university teacher
Catholic priest
Pontifical Urbaniana University Rome
Józef Pinior Polish politician
Józef Pinior Kancelaria Senatu.jpg
Poland Józef 1955-03-09 Rybnik politician
trade unionist
University of Wrocław
Juan E. Méndez Argentine lawyer and activist
Juan Méndez - Chatham House 2012.jpg
Argentina Juan 1944-12-11 Lomas de Zamora diplomat
American University
Juan Ecomo Ndong Equatoguinean political activist Equatorial Guinea Juan
Juma Duni Haji Tanzanian politician Tanzania Juma 1950-11-26 Sultanate of Zanzibar politician University of Manchester
Kamal al-Labwani Member of the Syrian opposition movement Syria Kamal 1957-10-10 politician Damascus University
Kareem Amer Egyptian blogger
A bittersweet release - Flickr - Al Jazeera English.jpg
Egypt 1984-06-17 Alexandria blogger Al Azhar
Karpal Singh Malaysian politician and lawyer
Karpal Singh.jpg
Malaysia 1940-06-28 George Town politician
National University of Singapore Perak
Kartam Joga Indian activist and prisoner
Kasra Nouri Iranian lawyer
Kasra Nouri.jpg
Iran kasra 1990-06-27 Bandar Abbas journalist
University of Tehran
Shiraz University
Kem Sokha Cambodian politician
Kem Sokha (cropped).jpg
Cambodia 1953-06-27 Tram Kak District politician
human rights activist
Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague
Royal University of Law and Economics
Keyvan Rafiee journalist and blogger ♂
کیوان رفیعی.jpg
Iran journalist
Khaled al-Johani Saudi Arabian dissident Saudi Arabia Khaled 1969
Khalil al-Marzooq Bahrain politician
Personal image for Khalil al-Marzooq.JPG
Bahrain 1967-07-28 politician
Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan Indian independence activist
Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan.jpg
British Raj
Abdul Ghaffar 1890-02-06 Hashtnagar politician Aligarh Muslim University Peshawar
Khun Bedu Burmese democracy activist Myanmar 1984
Khun Htun Oo Burmese politician Myanmar 1943-09-11 Hsipaw politician University of Yangon
Kim Dae-jung South Korean politician
Kim Dae-jung (Cropped).png
South Korea Kim 1924-01-06 Haui-do politician
Mokpo Bukkyo Elementary School
Severance Hospital
Ko Ko Gyi Burmese activist
Burma Democracy Activist Ko Ko Gyi.jpg
Myanmar 1961-12-18 Yangon human rights activist University of Yangon
Kouhyar Goudarzi human rights activist Iran 1986-05-05 Isfahan journalist
human rights activist
Sharif University of Technology
Le Cong Dinh Vietnamese lawyer
Le Cong Dinh.jpg
Vietnam Li 1968-10-01 human rights activist
Tulane University
Vietnam National University
Le Quoc Quan Vietnamese dissident Vietnam Li 1971 Vietnam human rights activist
Leonel Grave de Peralta Cuban dissident Cuba Leonel 1976-05-30 Santiago de Cuba librarian
Leopoldo López Venezuelan politician
Leopoldo López Mendoza (crop).jpg
Venezuela Leopoldo 1971-04-29 Caracas economist
John F. Kennedy School of Government
Kenyon College
Lev Ponomaryov Russian politician
Lev Ponomaryov 2011.jpg
Soviet Union
Lev Ponomarev 1941-09-02 Tomsk politician
human rights activist
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Li Wangyang Chinese dissident labor rights activist People's Republic of China Li 1950 Hunan trade unionist Shaoyang
Lim Hock Siew Singaporean politician and physician Malaysia 1931-02-21 Singapore politician University of Malaya Singapore
Liu Xiaobo Chinese literary critic, writer, professor, and human rights activist People's Republic of China Liu 1955-12-28 Changchun poet
human rights activist
literary critic
Jilin University
Beijing Normal University
Luis Milán Fernández Cuban dissident Cuba Luis 1970-02-21 Santiago de Cuba physician
Luis Sepúlveda Chilean film director
Luis Sepúlveda.jpg
Chile Luis 1949-10-04 Ovalle journalist
film director
University of Chile
Maajid Nawaz British activist
Maajid Nawaz speaking at LibDem campaign event.jpg
United Kingdom 1977-11-02 Westcliff-on-Sea politician
London School of Economics
SOAS, University of London
Mahdi Abu Deeb Unionist and human rights activist
Personal picture for Mahdi Abu Deeb.JPG
Bahrain Mahdi 1962-12-30 Bahrain Arabian Gulf University
University of Baghdad
Mahjoub Sharif Sudanese poet
محجوب شريف.jpg
Sudan 1948-01-01 poet
political activist
Mahmoud Ahmed Sherifo Eritrean diplomat Eritrea Mahmoud 1948 Debub Region diplomat
Maikel Nabil Sanad Egyptian activist Egypt Maikel 1985-10-01 Asyut blogger Assiut University
Majid Tavakoli human rights activist
Majid tavakoli.jpg
Iran 1986 Shiraz feminist Amirkabir University of Technology
Mam Sonando Cambodian radio journalist
Mam Sonando.jpg
1942-02-13 Kampong Siem District journalist
Mansour al-Omari Syrian journalist and activist
Mansour al-Omari.jpg
Syria Mansour 1979 Damascus journalist
human rights activist
Mansour Osanlou Iranian trade unionist Iran Mansour 1338-12-04 Tehran worker
trade unionist
Manuel Vázquez Portal Cuban writer Cuba Manuel 1951 Morón journalist
Marat Alexandrovich Cheshkov Soviet Union-russian person (1932–2016) ♂ Soviet Union
1932-09-15 Moscow history Moscow State University Moscow
Marko Veselica Croatian disident and economist (1936-2017) Croatia Marko 1936-01-09 Glavice Yugoslavia politician
Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb Zagreb
Masoud Lavasani Iranian activist
Masoud lavasani in evin.jpg
Iran 1979-08-01 Tehran blogger
Maxim Gromov Russian politician Russia Maksim Gromov 1973 Lipetsk journalist
human rights activist
Mazen Darwish Syrian activist
مازن درويش.jpg
Syria 1974 lawyer
human rights activist
Damascus University
Mehmet Tarhan Turkish conscientious objector Turkey Mehmet Tarhan 1978 human rights activist
Mesfin Woldemariam Ethiopian peace activist 1930 Addis Ababa Clark University
Mian Ghulam Jilani British Indian general
MG Jilani.jpg
British Raj
1913-03-01 Sibi politician
military personnel
Aligarh Muslim University
Forman Christian College
Mijail Bárzaga Cuban dissident Cuba journalist
Mikalai Statkevich Belarusian politician
Mikalai Statkevich.JPG
Soviet Union
Mikalai 1956-08-12 Q21650213 politician Military Academy
Mikalay Autukhovich Belarusian businessman and dissident Mikalai 1963-01-07 Vawkavysk
Mikhail Chyhir Prime Minister of Belarus Soviet Union
Mikhail Q25936280 1948-05-24 Q21634208 economist
Belarusian State Economic University
Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation
Mikhail Khodorkovsky Russian oligarch and businessman
Mikhail Khodorkovsky 2013-12-22 4.jpg
Russia Mikhail 1963-06-26 Moscow engineer
D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia
Plekhanov Russian Economic University
Mikhail Marynich Belarusian politician Soviet Union
Mikhail 1940-01-13 Q20664225 diplomat
Belarusian National Technical University
Moscow State Linguistic University
Mikhail Sado Russian linguist
Soviet Union
Mikhail 1934-06-09 Saint Petersburg linguist Saint Petersburg State University Saint Petersburg
Min Ko Naing Burmese activist
Myanmar 1962-10-18 Mudon politician University of Yangon
Mohamed Elmoutaoikil Sahrawi activist Sahrawi people Mohamed 1966-10-10 Assa, Morocco human rights activist
Mohamed Nasheed Maldivian politician, 4th president of the Maldives
Mohamed Nasheed by UNDP.jpg
Maldives Mohamed
1967-05-17 Malé politician
Liverpool John Moores University
Overseas School of Colombo
Dauntsey's School
Mohammad Fahad al-Qahtani human rights activist
ACPRA 7th Trial Session 7 (cropped).JPG
Saudi Arabia Mohammad
human rights activist
economics Indiana University
Mohammad Seddigh Kaboudvand Iranian journalist Iran Mohammad 2000s Divandarreh journalist
Mohammad Seifzadeh Iranian lawyer and human rights activist
Mohammad seifzadeh.jpg
Iran Mohammad 1948 Qom judge
Mohammed al-Ajami Qatari poet Qatar Mohammed
1975-12-24 writer Cairo University
Mohammed al-Tajer Bahraini human rights lawyer
Personal image for Mohammed al-Tajer.JPG
human rights activist
Mohammed Daddach Sahrawi activist Sahrawi people Mohammed 1957 Guelta Zemmur politician
human rights activist
Mohammed Saleh al-Bejadi human rights activist
Mohammad al-Bjadi.jpg
Saudi Arabia Mohammed
1980 human rights activist
Mohsen Sazegara Iranian politician
Iran Mohsen 1955-01-05 Tehran journalist
University of London
Illinois Institute of Technology
Sharif University of Technology
Mordechai Vanunu Israeli activist
Mordechai Vanunu, 2005 (cropped).JPG
Israel Mordechaj 1954-10-14 Marrakesh technician Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Mudawi Ibrahim Adam Sudanese human rights activist Sudan 1956 human rights activist
Mümtaz Soysal Turkish politician Turkey 1929-09-15 Zonguldak politician
Galatasaray High School
Ankara University, Law School
London School of Economics
Mushahid Hussain Syed Pakistani politician
Mushahid Hussain Syed.jpg
Pakistan 1952 Sialkot political journalist
history of China Forman Christian College
Georgetown University
Mya Aye Burmese activist Myanmar 1966-03-10 Myanmar human rights activist
Myo Min Zaw Burmese democracy activist University of Yangon
Naser al-Raas Canadian detainee of Bahrain Canada Naser 1983 Kuwait Toronto
Nasser Abul Democracy activist Nasser
Natan Sharansky Israeli politician
Natan Shernasky1.JPG
Soviet Union
Q31690613 1948-01-20 Donetsk Vladimir Central Prison politician
human rights activist
dissident Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Nâzım Hikmet Ran Turkish poet
USSR stamp N.Hikmet 1982 6k.jpg
1902-01-15 Thessaloniki playwright
Galatasaray High School
Turkish Naval High School
Communist University of the Toilers of the East
Nelson Aguiar Ramírez Cuban dissident Cuba Nelson 1945-08-12 Cuba politician
Nelson Moliné Espino Cuban dissident Cuba Nelson politician
Néstor Rodríguez Lobaina Cuban dissident Cuba Néstor politician
Ngawang Chophel Tibetan film director
Ngawang Choephel at podium w dranyen.jpg
1966 Tibet journalist
film director
Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o Kenyan writer
Ngugi wa Thiong'o - Festivaletteratura 2012.JPG
Kenya 1938-01-05 Kamirithu Kamiti Maximum Security Prison playwright
university teacher
University of Leeds
Makerere University
Nguyen Chi Thien Vietnamese-American dissident, activist and poet Vietnam 1939-02-27 Hanoi poet Santa Ana
Nguyễn Đan Quế Vietnamese democracy activist Vietnam 1942-04 Vietnam human rights activist
Nguyễn Văn Đài Vietnamese lawyer Vietnam 1969 Hưng Yên lawyer
Nguyen Van Hai Vietnamese blogger and dissident Vietnam 1952 journalist
Nguyen Van Ly Vietnamese Roman Catholic priest Vietnam 1946-05-15 Vĩnh Linh Vietnam human rights activist
Catholic priest
Nikolay Kavkazsky Russian activist
Russia Nikolai 1986-10-16 Moscow human rights activist
Normando Hernández González Cuban journalist and human rights activist
Flickr - europeanpeoplesparty - EPP Political Assembly 13 September 2010.jpg
Cuba 1969-10-21 Camagüey journalist
human rights activist
Nosa Igiebor Nigerian journalist Nigeria 1952-12-25 journalist
Ocak Işık Yurtçu Turkish journalist Turkey 1945 Pozantı journalist Istanbul
Ogtay Gulaliyev Azerbaijani human rights activist human rights activist
Ohn Than Burmese democracy activist Myanmar 1946 Ayeyarwady Region University of Yangon
Olabiyi Durojaiye Nigerian politician Nigeria 1933 Ogun State politician
University of London
Oleg Navalny brother of Alexei Navalny Oleg
Omar Pernet Hernández Cuban dissident, human rights activist Cuba Omar human rights activist
Omar Ruiz Hernández Cuban dissident journalist Cuba Omar 1947-11-16 journalist
Orhan Doğan Turkish politician Turkey Orhan 1955-07-25 Mardin politician
Orlando Zapata Cuban activist Cuba Orlando Zapata 1967-05-15 Santiago de Cuba bricklayer Havana
Orton Chirwa Malawian politician Malawi 1919-01-30 lawyer
Óscar Elías Biscet Cuban activist
Oscar Elias Biscet.JPG
Cuba Óscar 1961-07-20 Havana physician
University of Havana
Oscar Espinosa Chepe Cuban dissident Cuba Oscar 1940-11-29 Cienfuegos economist
University of Havana Cercedilla
Osman Mohamud Somali clan elder Somalia Osman 1965
Oyub Titiev human rights activist human rights activist
Palden Gyatso Tibetan monk
Tibet 1933 Tibet bhikkhu
Pap Saine Gambian editor and publisher The Gambia newspaper editor
Pasteur Bizimungu President of Rwanda Rwanda Pasteur Bizimungu 1950 Gisenyi politician University of Strasbourg
Paval Sieviaryniets Belarusian journalist
Pavel Sieviaryniets.jpg
Soviet Union
Pavel 1976-12-30 Orsha journalist
Pavel Sevyarynets Belarusian dissident Pavel
Petros Solomon Eritrean politician Eritrea Petros Solomon 1951 Asmara politician
Pham Hong Son Vietnamese democracy activist Vietnam 1969
Phan Thanh Hai Vietnamese blogger Vietnam 1969
Platon Lebedev Russian businessman
Soviet Union
Platon Lebedev 1956-11-29 Moscow entrepreneur Plekhanov Russian Economic University
Pyotr Grigorenko Soviet dissident
Григоренко, Петро Григорович.jpg
Soviet Union
United States of America
Pyotr Grigorenko 1907-10-16 Borysivka human rights activist
Military Engineering-Technical University New York City
Rachid Niny Moroccan journalist Morocco Rachid 1970-10-16 Ben Slimane journalist
Raif Badawi Saudi Arabian writer and activist and the creator of the website Free Saudi Liberals
Raif Badawi cropped.jpg
Saudi Arabia 1984-01-13 Khobar blogger
human rights activist
Raji Sourani Palestinian lawyer, Amnesty International prisoner of conscience 1953-12-31 Gaza City lawyer
Ramin Bayramov Azerbaijani journalist Ramin journalist
Rashad Hasanov Azerbaijani activist Rashad 1985-05-02 Lankaran Middle East Technical University
Rashadat Akhundov Azerbaijani activist
Rashadat Akhundov.jpg
Azerbaijan 1984-04-07 Beylagan District Central European University
Rasul Bux Palejo Pakistani politician
Rasool Bux Paleejo.jpg
British Raj
Rasul 1930-09-21 Jungshahi politician Sindh Madrasatul Islam Karachi
Rasul Jafarov Azerbaijani activist Azerbaijan 1984-08-17 Azerbaijan jurist
human rights activist
Western University
Ren Wanding Chinese dissident
Ren Wanding.jpg
Rén 1944 human rights activist
Rene Gomez Manzano Cuban dissident
Cuba Rene 1943-12-19 Havana lawyer
Reza Shahabi Bus driver Trade unionist Iran Reza 1973 Azerbaijan trade unionist
Riad Seif Syrian politician Syria Riad 1946-11-25 Damascus entrepreneur
Damascus University
Ricardo Enrique Silva Cuban physician and dissident Cuba Ricardo physician
Ricardo González Alfonso Cuban dissident journalist
Ricardo González Alfonso captura de pensamiento.png
Cuba Ricardo 1950
Havana journalist
Roberto de Miranda Cuban dissident Cuba Roberto 1947 Camagüey mathematician
human rights activist
Ruslan Kotsaba Soviet Union-ukraine journalist and public figure (*1966) ♂
Soviet Union
Ruslan 1966-08-18 Ivano-Frankivsk journalist
public figure
Ukrainian National Forestry University
Saeed Laylaz Iranian economist and journalist
Saeed Laylaz.jpg
Iran Saeed 1966 economist
Shahid Beheshti University
Said Zahari Singaporean journalist Singapore Zahari 1928-05-18 Singapore journalist Petaling Jaya
Salijon Abdurahmanov Uzbek journalist Uzbekistan 1950-05-28 Nukus journalist
Sapardurdy Khadzhiev Turkmenistani journalist and human rights activist Turkmenistan journalist
human rights activist
Sari Nusseibeh Palestinian philosopher and activist
Sari Nusseibeh at 2012 Leipzig Book Fair.JPG
Sari 1949-02-12 Damascus philosopher Christ Church
Harvard University
Saud al-Hashimi Saudi Arabian human rights activist
سعود مختار صورة شخصية.JPEG
Saudi Arabia 1963 human rights activist
Sayed Ziaoddin Nabavi human rights activist Iran 1973-12-21 Babol Noshirvani University of Technology
Sebastian Arcos Bergnes Cuban human rights activist Cuba Sebastian 1931 politician New York City
Seif Sharif Hamad Tanzanian politician
Seif Sharif Hamad.jpg
Tanzania Seif Hamad 1943-10-22 politician University of Dar es Salaam
Selim Sadak Turkish politician Turkey Selim 1954 politician
Semyon Gluzman Ukrainian psychiatrist
Gluzman S.jpg
Soviet Union
Semyon 1946-09-10 Kiev psychiatrist
human rights activist
psychiatry Bogomolets National Medical University
Sergei Kovalev Russian politician
Soviet Union
Sergey Kovalyov 1930-03-02 Seredyna-Buda politician
human rights activist
Moscow State University
Sergei Udaltsov Russian left politician
Soviet Union
Sergey 1977-02-16 Moscow politician Moscow State Academy of Water Transport
Sergey Mokhnatkin Soviet Union-russian human rights activist (*1954) ♂
Сергей Мохнаткин (8381259184).jpg
Soviet Union
Sergey 1954-03-06 Izhevsk human rights activist
Shabir Shah Indian politician
Shabir Shah,wikipedia.jpg
India 1953-06-14 Srinagar
Shi Tao Chinese journalist People's Republic of China 1968-07-25 Yanchi County journalist
human rights activist
East China Normal University
Shibal Ibrahim Syrian Kurdish activist 1977
Somyot Prueksakasemsuk Thai lese majeste prisoner
Rama IX of Thailand and Barack Obama, 2012 cropped.jpg
Thailand 1961-09-20 journalist
trade unionist
Steven Gan Malaysian journalist Malaysia Steven 1963 journalist
Tajul Muluk Religious leader and prisoner of conscience Indonesia 1971 Sampang
Taner Akçam German historian
Taner Akçam.jpg
Taner 1953-10-23 Ölçek historian
human rights activist
university teacher
Armenian studies
turkish studies
Middle East Technical University
University of Hanover
Taner Kılıç Turkish civil rights activist and lawyer Turkey 1969 lawyer
Dokuz Eylül University
Tek Nath Rizal Bhutanese politician politician
Thaung Tun filmmaker journalist
film director
Thet Win Aung Student activist Myanmar 1971-08-27 Yangon politician Mandalay
Trần Huỳnh Duy Thức Vietnamese activist Vietnam 1966-11-29 human rights activist
Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology
Tran Quoc Hien Vietnamese union leader and dissident Vietnam 1965 trade unionist
Tsimafei Dranchuk Belarusian dissident Belarus Tsimafei 1981 Zaslawye politician
Tuot Saron Cambodian politician Cambodia politician
U Gambira Burmese dissident monk
Ashin U Gambira.jpg
Myanmar 1979-06-19 Pauk Township monk
U Myint Aye Burmese dissident 1950
U Sein Than Person ♂
Ukshin Hoti Albanian philosopher and activist
Ukshin Hoti.jpg
1943 Kosovo peace activist
human rights activist
Harvard University
University of Chicago
University of Washington
Uladzimir Nyaklyayew Belarusian politician and writer
Soviet Union
Uladzimir Niaklajeu 1946-07-09 Smarhon’ writer
Maxim Tank Belarusian State Pedagogical University
Maxim Gorky Literature Institute
Usamah Mohamad Sudanese blogger, activist journalist University of Khartoum
Uzeyir Mammadli Azerbaijani activist Azerbaijan 1987-08-26 Barda Baku State University
Václav Havel playwright, essayist, poet, dissident and 1st President of the Czech Republic
Václav Havel cut out.jpg
Czech Republic
Václav Havel 1936-10-05 Prague writer
Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Theatre
Akademické gymnázium Štěpánská
Valery Levaneuski Belarusian politician
Valery Levaneuski.jpg
Soviet Union
Valery 1963-08-15 Grodno politician
Vi Đức Hồi Vietnamese democracy activist Vietnam 1957 Lạng Sơn
Vidadi Isgandarov Azerbaijani activist and politician Azerbaijan politician
Viktor Nekipelov Soviet dissident Soviet Union Viktor 1928-09-29 Harbin poet Maxim Gorky Literature Institute Paris
Vil Mirzayanov Soviet chemist and Russian-American activist Soviet Union
United States of America
1935-03-09 Dyurtyulinsky District Lefortovo Prison chemist
Vincent Cheng Singaporean dissident Vincent
Vladimir Bukovsky Soviet dissident; prominent in the Soviet dissident movement of the 1960s and 1970s and spent a total of twelve years in psychiatric prison-hospitals, labor camps and prisons within the Soviet Union
Soviet Union Vladimir Bukowski 1942-12-30 Belebey Lefortovo Prison
Vladimir Central Prison
human rights activist
writer University of Cambridge
Stanford University
Vlado Dapčević Montenegrin politician Yugoslavia Vlado 1917-06-14 Cetinje politician Podgorica
Wang Wanxing Chinese dissident People's Republic of China 1949-10-10 Beijing Beijing
Wilmar Villar Mendoza Cuban dissident Cuba 1980-05-30 Palma Soriano Santiago de Cuba
Wipas Raksakulthai Thai prisoner 1973
Woo Yong-gak North Korean commando 1929-11-29 Nyongbyon County
Yacob Haile-Mariam Ethiopian politician Ethiopia 1944 politician
Yang Chunlin Chinese human rights activist People's Republic of China Yang 1954 China human rights activist
Yndamiro Restano Díaz Cuban dissident journalist Cuba 1948 journalist
Youcef Nadarkhani Iranian Christian pastor who had been sentenced to death in Tehran for practicing Christianity in Iran
Youcef Nadarkhani.png
Iran Yousef 1977 Rasht pastor
Younus Shaikh Pakistani author 1965 writer
Yuli Daniel Soviet writer and poet Soviet Union 1925-11-15 Moscow poet
science fiction writer
Moscow State Regional University Moscow
Yuli-Yoel Edelstein Israeli politician
Yuli Edelstein.jpg
Soviet Union
1958-08-05 Chernivtsi politician
Yuri Orlov Soviet physicist
Orlov photo.jpg
Soviet Union
United States of America
Yuri Orlov 1924-08-13 Moscow Lefortovo Prison physicist
human rights activist
nuclear scientist
public figure
Moscow State University
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Yury Bandazhevsky Soviet scientist and belarusian activist
Yury Bandazhevsky, Geneva 2009.jpg
Soviet Union
Yury 1957-01-09 Radun' physician
university teacher
Grodno State Medical University
Yusak Pakage Papuan independence activist 1979 Indonesia
Yves Makwambala Democratic Republic of the Congo person ♂; member of Filimbi Democratic Republic of the Congo Yves
Zarganar Burmese film director
Myanmar 1961-01-27 Yangon comedian
film director
film actor
University of Dental Medicine, Yangon
Basic Education High School No. 1 Dagon
Zaur Gurbanli Azerbaijani activist Azerbaijan Zaur 1987-01-12 Baku Baku State University
Zaw Htet Ko Ko Burmese democracy activist Myanmar 1981-01-06 Myanmar
Zayar Thaw hip-hop artist
Zeya Thaw.jpg
Myanmar 1981-03-26 Yangon singer Basic Education High School No. 6 Botataung
Zmitser Dashkevich Belarusian politician Soviet Union
Dzmitry Dashkevich 1981-07-20 Yelsk District politician
Васильев, Александр Александрович (предприниматель) Soviet Union-belarus person (*1946) ♂ Soviet Union
Vasilyev 1946-03-18
Вильямс, Николай Николаевич Soviet Union-us-american-russian mathematician (1926–2006) ♂ Soviet Union
United States of America
Nikolai 1926-11-28 Moscow mathematician MSU Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics Moscow
Ганган, Михаил Михайлович politician Mikhail 1986-01-13 Samara politician
Рахимов, Сердар Сейтмурадович Soviet Union-turkmenistan journalist and diplomat, ambassador (*1951) ♂ Soviet Union
Rakhimov 1951-03-03 journalist
Moscow State University


Article description image country of citizenship given name family name date of birth place of birth place of detention occupation field of work educated at place of death
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