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Stirling Newberry (1967- ) American. Blogger, historian and composer.

Brief Biography

Stirling Newberry has done political work in support of the American Democratic Party as well as military and economic analysis. In 2003, he was part of the small group of people who helped organize and drive the movement to Draft Wesley Clark for President and came to some public notice when his criticisms of the early Clark campaign were picked up by the national media. While perhaps somewhat controversial at the time, these criticisms were later born out by events.

Since then Stirling Newberry has been cited by some as an expert on blogging and the social forces involved in the flowering of internet politics and is currently working on a book on the transformation of political and economic models. His work has been mentioned in Vanity Fair, Wired Magazine and He has also been cited by some as a military analyst with regard to the war in Iraq, where he is a harsh critic of the conduct of the war from the perspective of effectiveness and commensurate means for the stated ends.

He currently blogs on The Agonist and Talking Points Memo Cafe.

He is also a composer of Classical music.

Involvement in Wikipedia

  • Wikicite project Adding references and bibliographic reference material to wikimedia.

Stirling Newberry has blogged on how Wikipedia is a laboratory for emerging economic models based on a long tail contributions and coöperation systems, where competition is asserts itself over relative scarcity of attention bandwidth rather than over particular resources. In this view the reduction of decision costs is essential to increasing participation.

He is also working on the project to put a card catalog on line called Wikicite which will allow wiki editors to easily embed citations, and create bibliographic enhancement for citations used on wikipedia. The purpose of this project is to make citing within wiki easier and faster, and to subject the quality of sources to the wikiprocess, while more firmly linking wikisource to wikipedia and wiktionary.

He is also a regular contributor to articles on Economics, Philosophy, Classical music and Social movements, including Gold standard, Hyper-inflation, Romanticism, The Age of Enlightenment, Postmodernism, Modernism and History of sonata form.



Opus Work Title No. Year Rev. Key Minutes
1 "The Ruins" 1993 1994 22
2 Overture to Eden 1993 1995 4
3 Toccata Prelude and Fugue 1994 E 3
4 Dance of the Goblins 1994 8
5 Funeral Music for Lear 1994 4
6 Symphony in Ab Sketches from Dante I 1994 2002 Ab 28
7 Symphony in A II 1994 A 45
8 Symphony in E In Pursuit of the Millenium III 1994 E 34
9 Cello Concerto in F# Erleuchtung 1995 F# 20
10 Violin Fantasy Variations "Romantic" 1995 D 35
11 Koncertstueck in G Rime of the Ancient Mariner I 1995 G 20
12 Overture to Medea 1995 2002 Eb 6
13 Sonata in C# I 1995 C# 24
14 Quartet in A I 1996 A 25
15 Sonata in F# II 1996 F# 15
16 Quartet in Ab Roman Elegies II 1996 2007 Ab 28
17 Pavanne for a Wedding Vigil 1996 Eb 10
18 Cello Sonata in D I 1996 D 18
19 Koncertstueck in D# Hyperion II 1997 D# 27
20 Piano Concerto in F III 1998 F 27
21 Violin Sonata in C I 1998 15
22 Symphony in C# IV 1999 2002 C# 24
23 Quartet in F III 1999 F 20
24 Quartet in D Sehnsucht IV 1999 2002 D 21
25 Cello Sonata in C II 2000 2002 C 20
26 Cello Sonata in F# Sparrow of Beijing III 2000 2002 F# 19
27 Violin Sonata in A II 2000 A 27
28 Piano Trio in Bb Neo-Modern I 2002 Bb 25
29 Piano Trio in F II 2002 2007 F 22
30 Symphony in B V 2002 B 33
31 Symphony in F# Pastoral VI 2002 F# 40
32 Sonata in C Ares III 2002 C 16
33 Quartet in F# Red Harvest V 2005 F# 25
34 Quartet in Db Hua yang nian hua VI 2005 Db 18
35 Quartet in Eb In the Year of Storms VII 2005 Eb 41
36 Quartet in B VIII 2005 B 34
37 Sonata in Bb IV 2006 Bb 15
38 Orchestrastücke 2006 # 10
39 Quartet in Bb Xaos IX 2005 Bb 34
40 Quartet in G The Neo-Classical X 2005 G 25
41 Quartet in C XI 2006 C 43
42 Piano Trio in C# The Stone Tree III 2007 C# 36

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