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The text below was written several years ago, and is well out of date (not least, I understand Wikipedia policies have rather changed since last I was actively doing anything). I'm undecided at present whether to try to update it, create a more "normal" user page (whatever that is), or simply blank it to avoid further info becoming out-of-date - the last line certainly remains true though... Stoive (talk) 16:08, 18 November 2013 (UTC)

I don't have a particular specific focus on Wikipedia - sometimes I tidy up vandalism, sometimes I try to improve or add missing information. You'll be more likely to find me doing a number of relatively small edits than creating or refactoring entire articles though.

Please note that any of my own pictures that I upload tend to be cropped down and/or rescaled. The originals (mainly 2 megapixel) will usually be available on request.

Mostly speaking these are holiday snaps rather than having any kind of professionalism.

I also have a suitable TV box attached to my computer that I sometimes use to create {{film-screenshot}} items.

I know most are mediocre quality at best, so please replace any of my pictures with a better alternative if you have one!