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Born: 1963, Point Pleasant, NJ

High School: Gainesville High, Gainesville, FL [1981]

Ham callsign: KB4MHH [since 1986]


Co-founder/Asst. Emergency Coordinator: Alachua Co. Amateur Radio Emergency Service [1987]

Founder/Coordinator: Alachua County SKYWARN [1997-present]

Founder/Project Mgr: Alachua County EMWIN Project [2003-present]

Gainesville Amateur Radio Society [Secretary 1987-88; Newsletter Editor 1987-88]

Past Assoc. Member: Gator Amateur Radio Club

Web Pages:

Alachua County SKYWARN:

Alachua County EMWIN Project:

Index To SKYWARN Web Sites On The Internet:

Mobile Scanner & RADAR-Detector Laws In The U.S.:

Todd Sherman's Excellent Home Page:

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AC-SKYWARN Email Alert List

ACWIN-* series