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Articles which I might create one day[edit]

Asymptotic optimality theoremGeneralized empirical likelihoodOptimal instrumentsRegular estimatorSemi-nonparametric modelSieve estimation

Articles which I started, or completely rewrote[edit]

Adaptive estimatorAppendix:Convergence of random variablesAppendix:Ordinary least squaresAsymptotic theory (statistics)Complex normal distributionConsistent estimatorContinuous mapping theoremDeming regressionDivergence (statistics)Efficient estimatorErrors-in-variables modelsExtremum estimatorGeneralized method of momentsHájek–Le Cam convolution theoremHodges’ estimatorIdentifiabilityList of integrals of Gaussian functionsLocal asymptotic normalityOrdinary least squaresParametric modelProbit modelSeemingly unrelated regressionsSimultaneous equations modelSmoothness (probability theory)

Articles which I substantially edited[edit]

Central limit theoremCharacteristic function (probability theory)Contiguity (probability theory)Convergence of random variablesD'Agostino's K-squared testIsserlis’ theoremLinear regressionMaximum likelihoodMaximum spacing estimationNegative binomial distributionNormal distributionProbability spaceRandom variableSimple linear regressionSlutsky’s theoremT-statisticWeierstrass factorization theorem

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