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This is my user page. Feel free to post a message for me, as well as edit requests. ABSOLUTELY NO VANDALIZATION!!!

About Me[edit]

Hi! My name is Straight-Outta-Negros-0013 (for I am straight out of the NIR, my home region). The shortened version of my name is SON-0013. You can also call me AkiTheGrayNinja, or Aki for short. I am of three ethnicities (Negros Visayan, Kapampangan and Pangasinan) by heart and soul, plus my mother stated that my matrilineal line might be also of super-distant Chinese descent (but it's really not that evident).

Focuses & Contributions[edit]

I focus and contribute to many pages concerning/regarding/relating anything random, such as languages, cultures, nations, (any) fictional characters, movies, songs, famous figures, popular peoples and many others... I also exist for the reason to fix grammar, punctuation and wording style (you inspire me Mr. Bryan Henderson for the error fixing, salamat gid/gyud!). Sometime in the future, I will promote NIR tourism! (Just needs enough time to achieve it...)


I speak both, Visayan (specifically the Ilonggo variant) and English with varying levels of high fluency. As long as I love it and has a special appeal to me, I prefer to learn whatever language there is, most especially Italian and Cantonese. I also (wanted to) promote (in the near future) the official usage of native languages in order to preserve it at all costs (that'll come later).

Weekly Picks[edit]

K-Pop Songs of the Week[edit]


(Disclaimer: I don't own any of these songs and videos.)

Today's Pic[edit]

Taiwan Pride 2016. This year, Taiwan succeeded in legalizing marriage equality. Congratulations Taiwan! I'm so proud of you!


This user will contact the superheroes and superheroines if trouble arises or if supervillains and supervillainesses will cause evil! This user will also snap if his userpage and its corresponding subpages are vandalized (which also ends up with the vandal being attack-blocked too)! BE VERY AFRAID EVILDOERS!!!