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I am requesting a rename on Commons. My current Commons name is straitstrait. Strait (talk) 14:47, 5 October 2011 (UTC)


I'm a physics postdoc at the University of Chicago doing experimental neutrino research.

I am also a computer geek, I wrote most of l7-filter and maintain a wiki on the identification of network protocols.

I'm also political, usually cheering for the Green Party but open-minded.

I'm also active in the science fiction community. I help run Minicon.

I have too many hats...

My edits[edit]

I generally edit two categories of articles:

  • Physics articles — general improvement. I usually stick to particle physics since the introductory articles are too often entrenched in complicated edit arguments.
  • Disambiguation pages.

My physics qualifications[edit]

I was challenged by User:Bvcrist to produce proof that I know what I'm talking about in the field of physics. I produced this list of qualifications for him and I guess I may as well put it here.

  • Undergraduate coursework at Carleton College
    • Atomic and Nuclear Physics (sophomore level, often called "modern physics")
    • Classical Mechanics (sophomore level)
    • Computational Mechanics
    • Electricity and Magnetism (sophomore level)
    • Quantum Mechanics 1 and 2
    • Thermal Physics
    • Solid State Physics
    • Statistical Mechanics
    • Classical and Quantum Optics
  • Undergraduate honors
    • Distinction in major
    • Distinction in comps (senior thesis)
  • Graduate coursework at the University of Minnesota
    • Classical mechanics (graduate level)
    • Electricity and Magnetism (graduate level)
    • Quantum Mechanics 1 and 2 (graduate level)
    • Advanced Quantum Mechanics
    • Quantum Field Theory 1
    • Relativity and Cosmology (graduate level)
    • Thermal Physics (senior level)
    • Particle Physics (senior level)
    • Particle Physics 1 and 2 (graduate level)
  • Graduate accomplishments
    • Taught lab and discussion sections for introductory courses for 3 semesters, graded senior level Particle Physics class
    • Worked on Soudan 2 analysis during my first summer
    • Worked ~2 years under under Dr. Daniel Cronin-Hennessy on development of NOvA
    • Put in ~3 years on MINOS, completed data analysis, graduated (My thesis)
  • Publications, counting only those that I had a significant hand in (i.e. not all MINOS papers with my name on them)
    • M. Strait, D. Cronin-Hennessy and K. Arms, Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A615, 336 (2010)
    • MINOS, P. Adamson et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 2011, forthcoming (primary MINOS result including my thesis work)

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