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My Pictures
Matt in fredericton.JPG
Me in Fredericton
Moncton, my hometown
1992 Pontiac Sunbird Convertible at Confederation Bridge.jpg
My car chillin by the Confederation Bridge
DC shoe St George.JPG
My DC shoe in St. George
About me
Matt aka stu pendousmat.jpg
My name is Matt and I am currently (March 2010) a department manager at Kent Building Supplies in Moncton NB Canada. I was born in 1987 at The Moncton Hospital. I have been blessed with the love of a beautiful girl and I cherish every moment we are together (Im really not that gushy...but it is true lol). My main hobbies are mountain biking, gaming, video production, and currently being a wikipedian. I try to be a nice person as much as I can, but I also avoid being fake. My dream is to become an RCMP officer.

Major Contributions
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Articles Created
Aberdeen Cultural Centre
Armour Transportation Systems
Assumption Life
Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada
Chocolate River Conservatory of Music
Climate of Moncton
CN Sportplex
Co-op Atlantic
École L'Odyssée
George LeBlanc
Government of Canada Building
History of Moncton
Irishtown Nature Park
Kent Hills Wind Farm
Lafrance Residence
List of companies headquartered in Moncton
List of tallest buildings in Moncton
Magnetic Hill Zoo
Major Drilling Group International
Mapleton Park
Moncton Museum
Moncton photo gallery
Sir Howard Douglas Hall
Théâtre l’Escaouette


Places in which I have Lived or Visited
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A Barnstar!
The Canadian Content Award

This is for all the effort you put in to Moncton related articles. -FlubecaTalk 14:57, 23 July 2007 (UTC)

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