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I have made minor contributions to numerous articles, mostly about the ZX Spectrum, SAM Coupé and various Computing topics.

My first edits were on April 3, 2005 and 17 June, 2005. I also made anonymous edits to Assignment (computer science) and Assembler, from behind an NTL proxy ( on August 11, 2005. I'm responsible for edits from De Montfort University's proxy ( from 11 January, 2006 to 23 January, 2006.

So far, I have only created three (hopefully useful) articles: Astroball, Challenger (video game) and Stop the Express. I created a stub for the Wallsend Metro station, out of two other articles (Wallsend and Tyne and Wear Metro), and I created Category:ZX Spectrum game screenshots and Category:Commodore 64 game screenshots, which required searching through all screenshots in Category:Screenshots of computer and video games.

I have also contributed a number of photographs to Wikimedia Commons.

I seem to have gone insane and have linked to a few Japanese articles, despite being entirely unable to read Japanese.

Recently I've been editing a few football-related articles, including some of the main World Cup articles.

I've created a whole bunch of referencing templates for women's national football teams, which eventually got replaced with {{fbw}} and {{fbw-rt}} — so I then helped to replace the national cricket and rugby team templates. Although AWB does look quite good, I found that I was able to edit quite quickly using WikipediaFS and some simple sed-scripts.

I have produced SVG replacements for the following keyboard layout images:

Pet hates in writing[edit]

  • False (or unnecessary) substitution of "Britain" with "England", "British" with "English", etc.
  • The phrase "most everyone"[1] (see 2.17.49)
  • "Alot", which in 99.9% of cases should be "a lot"


Stuart means "steward" and Brady means "spirited". I am told that my name in Arabic is استيورت بريدي.

Old TODO list[edit]

  • More keyboard layouts:

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