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  • This user is older than dirt
  • This user, like Dilbert/Scott Adams, can remember programming with ones and zeros "and sometimes they didn't have ones!"[2][3]
  • This editor can remember the Great Depression and World War II. The walk to school was uphill in both directions with snow up to our necks! Our clothing was too light and we had to run to keep from freezing to death. There was no television. We could only get static on the radio but we were grateful for that! Not like you namby-pambies nowdays!

Useful editing information[edit]

Q: What is the difference between "criteria" and "criterion"

A: These often-confused words belong to a family that grammarians call "metronomes," meaning "words that have the same beginning but lay eggs underwater." - Dave Barry

Please note that I have "Autopatrolled" capability. This means if you come zipping along, exceeding the speed limit on the Internet Highway, you better look out for my blue light, cause, buddy, you are going to get a ticket!

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Circuit diagram




(Serious stuff):

To find articles with names starting with (note that Mozilla won't perform anywhere nearly this well:)
All pages beginning with "Black River"


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  • Sometimes, you can see a "File" with Firefox-Mozilla with "Window-F5" or even "Control-F5" when it doesn't show up otherwise!

Interesting pages[edit]

  • Template:Historical populations allows dates that aren't even decade marks.
    • Use {{Historical populations |percentages=pagr |2001|36223947 |2010|40091359 |footnote = [http://www. 2001 – 2010] }}



  • Kudpung - interested in cleaning up categories, particularly overcategorization in schools. See imbedded comment for more names

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