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Current Project[edit]

I am working on my Bachelors degree in IT.
Finished. I now have my AABA (Business Administration) and my BIT (Information Technology). For the former, I graduated with Honors, for the latter, Summa Cum Laude.

Finished an application that helps determine streams of communication in an IT project (helped me when I was still in school) and provides management recommendations based upon acknowledged Standards. I plan to expand the application to do other things related to IT project management. Written in Python.


I am an amateur Ethologist (very amateur). Intensely interested in Evolutionary Psychology, as well. My single "I" enjoys many political topics. I am particularly interested in Thomas Paine as a revolutionary author, the formation, writing, and practice of Constitutions, and government as a non-entity (re: NOT non-existent, but non-entity, or seperate entity. Read Paine's The Rights of Man for his discussion on the constitution of a government, and its relation to citizens). Philosophy, writing, and critical thinking demand much of my time as well.

Recently I have acquired a taste for the personal correspondance of Thomas Jefferson, as well as his public discourses. Also, Greek and Norse Mythology have become topics that I am intesrested in.

Somewhat consonant with my degrees, I am currently looking into the fair treatment of workers, managerial common-sense, corporate reward and punishment systems, protocol adequacy, class systems in the United States, and Rights awareness.

Philosophically I am a touch fatalistic, though not in an absolute or deterministic fashion (except for a few inevitable absolutes). I have been called a Nihilist, but that is, probably, only due to the confusion of others, not through any fault of my own.

Contrary to my user name, I am not interested in Theology.

Editing History[edit]

Pages I have edited or revised[edit]

The New English Bible. The article was sparse and overtly biased. I preserved what little useful information there was, and expanded the article exponentially using readily available sources such as a Bible dictionary, History of Christianity, and a few popular works. The article is a year or so old now. I remain less than pleased with my work, but leave the results as they are. Others may revise, if necessary.
Just a fairly minor edit, but on the Pyramid page someone added a lot of stupid "idiot" remarks? An editor reverted much of it, I cleaned what was remaining.
Fixed vandalism on the Olmec page.
Made someones biased comment in the Gospel of Thomas neutral (removed bias).