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I'm not sure what to write here really, anyone seeing my contributions will notice the lack of "a life" which I've heard of from so many! I'm just your average 25 year old I'd say, although no arrests or cautions or anything I feel puts me a cut above the rest! I'm interested in reading about disused stations in the UK and seem to have made it my mission to provide as much information on here about some of my more local ones (on the Wirral) but if I go overboard, please don't hesitate to leave me a small note. You may find there's a lot of minor edits too, I tend to go for spelling mistakes like a fat man (ie me) goes for a doughnut!

I made this![edit]

Things to do[edit]

Get a life!

No doubt there's more things I'd like to add but for now, it can stick to being that!

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