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Stuart Herman[edit]

Stuart Charles Herman (July 7th 1930 - March 23rd 1994) was considered a true healer to the First Nations community by helping Aboriginal people in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada overcoming their addictions. Many agree he was a true hero who always had great support for the first nations people. With colleagues such as Jim Sinclair Stuart fought with governments to recognize Metis and Non-Status rights. Along with long time friend and colleague, Alfred Schoenthal, both men started a treatment facility called the Native Alcohol Center (NAC House) which was later renamed "Métis Addictions Council of Saskatchewan - (MACSI Centre Regina)". The addictions treatment facility building which is located on 329 College Avenue East in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada was named after the founders, "A.Schoenthal, Herman Centre" "A New Beginning". It has helped tens of thousands of people including all ethnic backgrounds find their way past addictions. Stuart Herman's name still exists on the front of the Regina MACSI Centre and is a respected man of integrity and honor by the people he has helped.

Stuart Herman died on March 23rd, 1994, at the age of 63 after battling heart disease.