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Tabria Majors and Mindy J. of the Thick Podcast
Mindy J. and Tabria Majors of The Thick Podcast

The Thick Podcast[edit]

(Redacted) Podcast Series focuses on providing insight to the challenges in the world of dating, work life and also provide health, fashion, and beauty tips from the perspectives of a Plus Size, Super Model in the making and a professional career woman based in Los Angeles. New podcast episodes are available every Tuesday morning and are about 60-90 mins long.


The Thick Podcast's first episode aired October 2nd, 2016 and is distributed via the iTunes Store[1], iHeartRadio[2], Soundcloud, and Audioboom[3]


Tabria Majors is a bicoastal, Plus Size Fashion Model signed with Natural Models Los Angeles and Muse Model Agency in New York. As seen in modeling in Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue 2018[4] and Forever 21[5], Tabria has also been featured in Galore Magazine[6], Essence.com[7], Glamour Magazine[8] and many more major publications, and she continuously strives to express the beauty of enjoying life and style regardless of size.

Amanda J. Louis, online personality Mindy J. (@IGoByMindy[9]), is an energetic - ambivert, who recently moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue her career dreams of becoming a Journalist for a popular Web Magazine. Mindy fervidly details her experiences as a single woman troubleshooting the dating world while laboring a professional life in a male dominated industry in one of the most expensive cities in the world. 

On The Thick, best friends Tabria and Mindy review weekly events ranging from political, emerging technology and science to Pop Culture and celebrity gossip.


During The Thick podcast episodes, Tabria Majors and Mindy J. discuss current events, pop culture, and provides insight on the challenges in the world of dating, work life and provide health, fashion, and beauty tips. 

The two lively hosts have been friends for years and this plays a major role in their comical banter for listeners to enjoy every Tuesday!  The Thick's format has six major talk segments:

  1. Music Submission Review: The hosts of the The Thick allow listeners to submit their music to be played as the opening song and are reviewed by the hosts. 
  2. Current Events: The Thick highlights weekly events in News and Popular Culture.  Recently introduced a new Sub-segment called ' This Ni**a Trump' to highlight the outlandish antics from the United States' Commander In Chief, Donald Trump. 
  3. Life Update: As people of interest, Tabria Majors and Mindy J.  discuss things that have taken place in their personal lives which typically lead into the Topic of the week and close with 'Take-Aways' from the previous week's episode. 
  4. Topic: These two best friends dive into lively discussions of specific topics from different perspectives on matters ranging from Domestic Violence to Dating etiquette.  Often the pair invite special guests to add their opinions.
  5. Listener Letters: Listeners are able to submit their questions and inquire tips from the hosts of The Thick Podcast directly through their website.  Tabria and Mindy review 2-3 submissions on each episode.
  6. Love, Life, and Lipo Tip of the week: The Thick hosts end the their episodes by providing personal insight in the realm of relationship, work, fashion, and Health and Beauty typically a resolution to any issues discussed in the topic of the week or brought up by listeners.  

Live Show Tour[edit]



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The Thick Podcast[edit]