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Please note that at this point I've only updated this userpage. If anybody wants to copy this over to userpages on other wikis, I'd be thrilled. Otherwise, I will get to it eventually :)

Sue Gardner

Frequently Asked Questions[edit]

The information below is meant to give answers to the questions I'm most often asked. If you have a question that's not answered here, please ask it on my talk page, or e-mail me at Thanks.

Do you edit the Wikimedia projects, and if so, do you have any special status? How are other editors supposed to treat your edits?
I do edit, mostly in the English Wikipedia, and my edits don't have any special status. When I edit, I am in no way acting as an official representative of the Wikimedia Foundation, and my edits should be treated like anyone else's.
I have a question or a comment about Wikipedia. Where can I send it?
Please send it to Mail sent to that address is handled by a global network of volunteers - the same people who write Wikipedia - and they will be happy to reply to you. Please note that if you have a concern about the article about you, your organization, or someone you know, it might be worth your while to read the Article Subjects FAQ first. And thank you for reading Wikipedia.
I am angry about an editorial dispute I'm having on one of the Wikimedia projects. Can you help me?
No, I'm sorry, I can't. I very rarely get involved in editorial disputes on the projects, and even if I did I wouldn't have any special standing.
I would like to make a donation, or, I have a question about my donation.
If you are a Wikimedia donor or prospective donor, or if you have questions about our fundraising operations, first: thank you! You can send donation-related questions, comments and feedback to the fundraising team, at Or, just go here to donate.
I'm a journalist, and would like to speak with you for a story I'm working on. Who do I contact?
If you're looking for an official statement from the WMF, please e-mail Katherine Maher, who runs communications for the Wikimedia Foundation, at If you're looking for me personally/individually, you can reach me at
Where can I send a speaking invitation?
Please send speaking invitations to The Lavin Agency, at or +1 800 265 4870. I will be particularly interested if your event is in Japan :)
Can I get an official photo?
Here's my official photo.
Can I get your official biography?
Yes, it's below. If you're using it for e.g. an event descriptor, feel free to edit so that the length/tone/etc. are what you need.
I think this FAQ could be better, and I would like to make a small edit to it. (Such as updating a fact, fixing a typo or adding a little more information.)
Please do! If you think your edit might be controversial, you can raise it on my talkpage first. But I encourage you to be bold: if you think it's probably a good edit, I will likely agree with you :-)

Topics That Interest Me (as an editor)[edit]

As a journalist I covered a wide range of stories --everything from the economy to sports to politics to entertainment-- tending to specialize in social issues, race and women's issues, and the social implications of technology and popular culture. Like all journalists, I am generally pretty curious, and I know a little about a lot of things. I am definitely not an expert in any of these topics, but here is some of what interests me:

  • History of media, especially in Canada, UK, United States, especially public broadcasting
  • Canadian history, Canadian culture, especially modern literature, film, music, TV
  • Women's history and the history of feminist movements
  • Biographies of prominent/interesting women of all types
  • Biographies of well-known journalists and media personalities
  • Technology and gender, social implications of technology
  • Urban planning, history of cities, history of public housing, new urbanism, gated communities, slums
  • Organizational culture, organizational development, organizational theory, governance, psychology of incentives
  • Social movements, especially political, counterculture, youth (beatniks, skinheads, hippies)
  • Alternative community structures / intentional communities (e.g., communes, kibbutzes, housing co-ops)
  • Typography, informational graphic design, data visualization, maps, wayfinding
  • Behavioural economics, behavioural psychology, psychology of judgment and decision-making
  • Usability, accessibility and ergonomics in interface design and product design
  • Mid-century modern architecture and design, especially Scandinavian, especially Danish furniture and silver
  • Post-1975 history of Cambodia
  • History of Easter Island
  • Post-1960 Canadian poetry
  • Fiction and literature, especially modern, female, British, science fiction.

Articles I will work on when I have time[edit]

(This is just a notation to remind myself.)

Golden Gate Park#Chronic homeless encampments
My userpage on Meta

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