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Center for Accountability of International Organisations
Founded 1 October 2004 by Arthur Kinoy, William Kunstler, Ben Smith and Morton Stavis
Type Non-profit
Services Advocacy, legal representation, public education
Fields Defending and promoting civil rights, constitutional rights, racial, economic, gender and social justice, international law and accountability. Defending against illegal detentions, illegal surveillance and attacks on dissent, mass incarceration, human rights abuse and government abuse of power
Key people
Michael Ratner, President; Jules Lobel, Alex Rosenberg and Peter Weiss, Vice-Presidents; Vincent Warren, Executive Director, Legal Director, William P. Quigley[1]

Centre for Accountability of International Organisations is

CAIO was formed in response to a demand from Staff Associations, Staff Unions and a recognition from the Geneva and International Legal Community of systemic problems within the UN and international organisations: the lack of legal protection for international civil servants and third parties who are victims of civil and criminal wrongs.

The Centre has the following goals:

1. To promote means to ensure international organisations are held properly accountable for their actions, and to prevent the abuse of privileges and immunities.

2. To promote the development of criteria necessary to ensure the accountability of international organisations.

3. To promote transparent and effective means to ensure the rights of those having dealings with international organisations (including employees) are properly respected.

4. To promote the implementation of measures to ensure international organisations conform to their obligations under international and national law.

5. To support initiatives aiming to improve the standard of legal protection provided for those having dealings with international organisations.


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  • Website of CAIO [1]

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