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A Little About Me[edit]

I started my career with TurboC on MS-DOS. The project was on real time systems along with graphics.

I had worked on my C graphics in my academics and hence I had a hang of it. However the most interesting part of my project was handing the keyboard and mouse , as my initial task was to give MS-DOS a Windows look and feel using C graphics.

Using interrupts was the first challenge ... Ray Duncan's "Advanced DOS" helped a lot in this matter. I was working on interrupts and graphics  ; when one fine day, my superior told me I had to work on Visual C++ .

Though I was a bit worried about this new stuff "Visual C++" .. remember in my time Internet was a rare thing, and only the privileged one could get access to it at least in my organisation. Internet rates were so high that I could not personally afford a connection at that point of time.

Little did I realize that day, that learning curve would make be better on the long run. I also author the following blogs , feel free to go through them and leave your comments :-

  1. Tech Talks
  2. Random Thoughts on Computing

Cutting it short, I mainly work on C++, STL, Windows SDK Programming, MFC,COM, ATL ,.NET, C# ; regarding the domain I am mostly into product development.

In my leisure time , I like listening to music, reading books, travelling out . When at home I spend most of the time with my two lovely daughters.

My Twitter tag is @sujayghosh , my other coordinates can be found on .