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"For great encyclopedia."

A Barnstar! I award the Surreal Barnstar to Sum0 for services on the Wikipedia Reference Desk. He single handedly helped a user with a jammed M4 Assault Rifle. Without this help untold lives could have been saved! Majts 10:27, 17 October 2005 (UTC)
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About Me[edit]

Hi, I'm Matt Durrant, and I'm somewhat experienced in this whole Wikipedia thing.

I'm 18 and inhabit the small city of Norwich, in Norfolk.

My biggest contribution to Wikipedia was perpetuating the suitly emphazi fad, which I was secretly (until now <g>)proud of.

As of 2007 I rarely edit any more, but I'm still a big user.

From October 2007, I will be spending 11 months in Japan.

My contributions to this wonderful project

Links of Some Importance[edit]

PRETTY PICTURES wut I uploaded[edit]

The Wash, as seen looking west from Heacham, Norfolk (July 03 2005)

A very local town, Hadfield