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SummerPhD is subject to frequent churlish attacks and point-y allegations. Additionally, despite evidence to the contrary, she:

  • is not on "a bizarre rampage" with "no apparent reason" and no "attempt to explain (herself)"
  • did not libel or defame the American Academy of Financial Management in various ways.
  • does want to free poor Bailey.
  • is not retired and does not need to retire.
  • is not vandalizing Wikipedia by requesting deletion of copyright violations posted by sock puppets.
  • does not work for the UK government.
  • does not work for Cher.
  • is not a "lobbyest" for Rita's Italian Ice.
  • is not employed by Kraft or any of its subsidiaries.
  • is not Tom Billings.
  • is not Morris Krok.
  • is not a supporter of White Power.
  • is not a supporter of Ben Klassen.
  • is not Stephen Barrett.
  • is not an "anti-fruitarian".
  • is not someone with a grudge against a diet.
  • is not prejudiced against a diet.
  • is not "pro-steak"
  • is not trying to hide that I am making a comment on a talk page.
  • does not have a personal grudge against some random neighborhood in Philadelphia.
  • is not anti-black.
  • will not go away.
  • is not a bully.
  • does not consider you a reliable source.
  • does not have personal animoisty (sic) towards some random editor.
  • is not nitpicking at Wiki pages I have no actual knowledge of to make up for deficiencies in my real life to feel a brief flare of self worth.
  • does not have "mod status".
  • does not consider you adding your POV to be a helpful contribution.
  • may or may not be a dumbass.
  • is a smart ass[no citation needed]
  • is not a relative of David Burchell.
  • is not a "Dunedinite".
  • was not previously involved with some choir in New Zealand.
  • is not anti-gay.
  • is not anti-white.
  • is not a clone.
  • is not out to sabotage any articles.
  • is not part of a transnational conspiracy to suppress the benefits of butter and the insidious danger of margarine.
  • is not hoping for a premature, all-natural, organic death from a diet of milk, blood and dirt.
  • does not have an ax to grind against firefighters and police officers.
  • is not fighting to discourage contributions to the project.
  • is neither a Philadelphia police officer nor has another relationship with the department.

Current work and discussions[edit]

Fictional ages[edit]

Special:Contributions/2602:304:B307:9AC0:3023:4B48:F6A8:E0F9 Special:Contributions/2602:304:B307:9AC0:DD02:80CB:AC68:2EC7 ages "go from" Special:Contributions/ Special:Contributions/ Full explanation at User_talk: Special:Contributions/

Winx Club
List of All Grown Up! characters[4]
All Grown Up![5]
Gravity Falls[6]
Little Einsteins[7]
Winx Club[9]
The Book Thief[13]
Nick Hits[14]
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The Huggabug Club[20]
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Hocus Pocus[
Fresh Beat[40]
Maya & Miguel[41]
64 Zoo Lane[42]
Upside DownShow[43]

Don't block me[edit]

Refuses to WP:CITE sources.

  • Wikipedia mirror as source:[56]
  • Simple as source:[57]
  • youtube as source:[58]
  • user comments as source:[59]
  • source must support material:[60]
  • thinks unsupportive source is helpful:[61]
  • does it matter what state he's in:[62]


Dynamic IP WP:ENGVAR vandal[edit]

Editor has recognized at least one warning.[68]Knock, Knock, Ginger

To check[edit]

2046 (film)
This Space Available
Black Swan
Captain Phillips (film)
Coming Home (2014 film)
The Dead Pool
The Fruit Hunters
The Monuments Men
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The Shark Is Still Working
The Signal
Source Code
Jabberwocky (1977)
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The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)
12 Monkeys (1995)
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)
The Brothers Grimm (2005)
Tideland (2005)
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009)
The Zero Theorem (2013)
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Tron Legacy
At Long Last Love
Pola X
Bringing Out the Dead
Phantom of the Paradise
Public Enemies
Joe Vs. the Volcano
Interstelllarpanem et circenses

Articles I've created[edit]

I know what you're thinking: "Summer, you've make like 14 bazillion edits (15 bazillion if we include "discussions" with editors begging to be blocked). Why only 25-30 new articles?" Well, the way I look at it, if we had 10,000 editors just like me, we'd have close to 300,000 articles about semi-obscure basketball/tennis stars, vaguely mobbed up restauranteurs and defunct aquariums. Isn't that what Wikipedia is all about?

Redirects created for later expansion[edit]

Significant improvements[edit]

Articles that clearly signal the approach of the Apocalypse[edit]

List of Unicode characters

Sources to add[edit]

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