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Hello world! I am Sun8908. I am a secondary school student from Hong Kong.

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Things to concern

Protests in Hong Kong since last year

Global spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus disease

My Contributions

My Contributions

Articles I created

NONE (on English Wikipedia)

Why I joined Wikipedia

On 27 October 2018, I registered an account since I found a mistake on Chinese Wikipedia. I don't know why but I registered the account on MediaWiki where I have never edited. Since then, I didn't edit in almost half a year when I found another mistake when reading articles. My first edit on English Wikipedia is also due to a mistake found when I read article.

From February 2020, owing to the Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak, I have more time to go on the Internet and I found Wikipedia has a lot of space to improve, especially Chinese Wikipedia. Thus, I offcially started my Wikipedian life.

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