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pl Polski jest językiem ojczystym tego użytkownika.
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I'm male and I was born in 1978. I wear glasses.

I earned M.Eng. in automatics. I gained knowledge about programming and mobile robotics. I'm fluent in translating from English Wikipedia's articles to Polish. My writing is a little worse, and I have only basic communication skills in speaking. I live near Warsaw and I don't like traveling far from that town.

I'm especially interested in artificial intelligence, autonomous robots and quantum physics. My hobby is watching good movies, playing computer games and writing in Polish Wikipedia. My favorite music genres are rock, metal and trance. My favorite operating system is Linux. I'm editing Wikipedia in Firefox.

I have always been interested in science and I gained wide interdisciplinary knowledge mainly in technology, physics, and computer science.

I joined Polish Wikipedia in June of 2003, and have made about 5000 editions at the present time. Most of my attention is focused on articles about science, technology and writing articles with NPOV. I always seek for common point between both sides of controversy. I break this rule in special cases sometimes. I'm working on interwiki and correct some articles related to Poland in English Wikipedia and I have made about 200 editions at the present time.


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