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Kimberley Cloud Arms[edit]

Kimberley Cloud Arms was born 30th of July 1986. She first became Kimberley Cloud Arms around the month of May 2007 when she teamed up with the famous Superhero, Carpet Man. Kimberley First met Carpet Man at one of the celebrity parties regularly hosted by Carpet Man. She was busy relaxing on the floor when Carpet Man invited her to a jig and a drink, she reluctantly accepted and within minutes Carpet Mans charisma had won Kimberley over. Not long after this first meeting Carpet Man noticed Kimberley’s special and unusually soft 'cloud arms', after a quick discussion Carpet Man had persuaded Kimberley to begin a career in heroism, and Kimberley Cloud Arms was born.


As Kimberley Cloud Arms is a superhero her identity has remained a secret and although there has been many attempts from fans to uncover the women behind the mask, none have been successful. An article was once published in the times claiming she was related to the art attack presenter Neil Buchanan, but this was later dismissed as cods wobble!


Kimberley Cloud Arms has many powers, her main being the source of her name ‘Cloud arms’. Some say if ever given the chance to sleep next to KCA it is far better to snuggle into her cloudish arms than to use a pillow. After a night of sleeping on her remarkable cloud arms the worst back or neck pain will have vanished forever. Along with her healing abilities she has a unique ultra energy, she can suck the cold out from around her, makes excellent hot chocolates and is great at waking people up in the early morning. According to Carpet Man, she is also one of the greatest boredom fighters the world has ever seen. The two have recently raged an all out war on boredom, and by the year 2008 are hoping to have eradicated all sources of boredom none to mankind.


Like all superheros Kimberley Cloud Arms has her Achilles' heel. She’s a tremendous thinker, which isn’t really a flaw but when Kimberley Cloud Arms thinks there’s no stopping it. A villain can use this to their advantage by talking to KCA about something only slightly interesting, KCA will then be stuck thinking about this topic until someone can come and break her train of thought. She also has big ears! Haha but Carpet Man often says “Kimberley Cloud Arms ears are probably one of my favourite things in the whole entire world”.


Kimberley Cloud Arms usually rides around in Carpet Mans Hyundai destroyer. The destroyer is so shiny that if looked at without wearing the proper eye protection, your eyes will be burnt right out. This is an excellent trick for bringing down super villains; only super villains go outdoors without wearing eye protection.


One of KCA sidekicks is a penguin named Frank. Frank is a fairy penguin who was raised by a pair of emperor penguins in the Antarctica. He lived the early part of his life there, exploring, playing with polar bears and fighting killer whales. Once he was old enough He headed out into the wild to find himself. He first headed to Nepal where he lived with the Tibetan monks for a number of years and next headed to Lake Baikal where he spent a brief period under the tuition of Grand Master Nerpa. Final he headed back down south to Australia, where he met Kimberley Cloud Arms and Carpet Man who were on a boredom-fighting mission in St Kilda[. Frank is currently living at Carpet Mans Bachelor pad and enjoys bathing!


Kimberley Cloud Arms home is currently being constructed on a tropical island, which was kindly donated by Richard Branson. The location is unknown but it is rumoured that the whitest sand in the world encircles it and there are many pineapple and coconut trees growing on the island.